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Monday, March 10, 2008

Downloading the Blogger Backup Utility 101

A couple kitties from Missy's and KC's blog are having a hard time figuring out how to download my Blogger Backup utility (because KC is a pretty smart kitty... KC sez Backup Your Blog  ;). So here's a very quick set of screenshots on how to download it...

Go to the Project Releases tab (v1.0.9.22 Beta) and...


Scroll down...


Click on the file link...


Once its downloaded, unzip it and run setup.exe....


I hope this helps

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blogger Backup v1.0.9.22 Released

I've just released a new, somewhat major, release of my Blogger Backup utility, v1.0.9.22.

This version is based on community feedback and usage in the "field". It addresses a number of bugs, adds some features, deals with changes Google has made to the Blogger feeds and generally cleans it up quite a bit. Please see the project site for the full list...

I've been working on this release, off and on for the past few months and it's time. Time to let it out into the wild, time to open give more people a chance to use it and its new features, time to prepare to move it to 1.1 (or maybe 2.0)...

Besides bug fixes, this is probably the last 1.0 version. It's time to take a step back examine it and its features and give it a good shake out and cleaning. Plus I REALLY want to start using Linq to XML (and this project screams for that...). Plus I want to refactor it so its unit testable.

I'd like to send a huge thank you out to those of you who have reported bugs, requested features and acted as alpha testers...

As always, please let me know, via the project site, if you find any bugs, run into any problems or have suggestions or comments

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blogger Backup v1.0.7.16 Released (Logging in no longer required, new BBSettings file, added logging and updated GData library)

I've just released a new, pretty major, release of my Blogger Backup utility, v1.0.7.16.

Based on community feedback, I've totally reworked how the list of available blogs is created, saved and used.

In short, you no longer have to log into Blogger just to backup you blog.

You build your list of blogs, either by logging into Blogger ONCE to grab your list of blogs, or you can manually enter your Blogger URL's. Then this list of blogs is saved in a new BBSettings file. Then next time you want to backup your blog, the list will be grabbed from the BBSettings file. i.e. no logging into Blogger every time just to list your blogs.

This also works as a backup to any login issues. I've seen some instances where a valid Blogger ID/Password doesn't seem to work, though it should. So now in that case, with the new manual URL entry, you can still backup your blog.

Also in this release, I've completely revamped how all the settings are saved. All settings are now saved in a BBSettings file. A file where you decide is saved. Also a file you can backup, copy to another location or machine, etc.

To see the rest of the changes, please see the project home page.


Next up I think it's time to finally start working on the extra save formats (PDF, HTML, etc). I'll very likely be providing a two versions of the save formats. A "As is looks like in the browser/on the blog" and "raw, formatting free, just the post and no extra flare from the blog" version.


Some v1.0.7.16 screenshots...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blogger Backup v1.0.15.14 Released (With new Restore Posts Feature)

I've just released v1.0.5.14 of my Blogger Backup utility. This version introduces a Restore Posts feature. Yes, you can now not only backup posts, but restore them too! (Imagine that!  ;)

This version also includes two new Post Name Options, the Underscore "_" and Post URL (If the post's complete URL is, then the page URL "This_is_a_Blog_Post" is the value used for this new Post URL option). Thanks to "Hareesh N" for these suggestions and help troubleshooting other issues...

Special Notes:

  • Blogger has a 50 Posts Per Day limit. This means you'll only be able to restore a maximum of 50 posts a day. Sorry, but this is a Blogger/back end limit and there's no work-around (that I've found yet). The major concern I have is that there's no error or warning once you hit the 50 limit. Posts just stop appearing in your blog... I've added warning and counters (how many posts you've restored today, etc) to try to help keep you informed...
  • Only One Post Per File backups can be currently restored. If there's a need I'll add support for Single File (all posts backed up to a single file) restore support.
  • I've tested this as much as I can, but expect to run into issues. This is my first app that actually posts data to Blogger, so I'm sure there are issues I'm unaware of...


The new Restore Posts button.

Selecting posts to restore...

Final selection and kicking off the restore...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blogger Backup Released with new Custom Path Builder feature

I've added what I think is a pretty cool and useful new Custom Path Builder feature to v1.0.4.10 of my Blogger Backup utility.

This feature gives the user full control over their resulting folder tree and post names. Now you can create the folder structure and post file names that best suit you.

It will default to [Backup Folder]\Blog Title\PublishedDate(ISO8601 YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS formatted)-PostTitle.XML (pretty much the way it was before).

But now YOU can tweak that path to best fit your style and needs.

Want to store each year's posts in a different subfolder?
Want to store each month's posts in a different subfolder?
Want to reverse that and store it my month/year?

Done, done, done.

Want to change the post file name? Say only using the post title?
Or Year-Month-PostTitle?
Or only use the ISO8601 date (YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS - 20070707T081012)?
Want to use custom static text value?

Done, done, done, done.

Want to use Updated dates instead of Published dates?


Want to play around and see how the different options will effect the final names?


Again, the new path build is meant to allow you the all the flexibility you may need or want.


This is the first time I've built something like this, so please bear with me as I may tweak it in future versions...



The new Custom Path Builder dialog

A number of folder name options to choose from...

Lots of file name options to choose from...

The Examples at the bottom of the dialog are "live", meaning as you change the different options, the examples update automatically. This should give you a good feel for how the options and their order will look.

Windows Explorer view of the results...


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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Blogger Backup Released (Another bug fix version)

I've just released v1.0.3.8 of my Blogger Backup utility.

This is another bug fix version (I wish I'd stop putting bugs in my code... ;)

Fixed in this version was a bug where backing up would not stop if the blog had a multiple of 25 (25, 50, 350, etc) posts. This bug led me to find and fix another in the "Get only the most recent ### posts" feature.

Thanks to Snyper for taking the time to post the bug/issue report.


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Friday, July 06, 2007

Blogger Backup v1.0.2.7 Released (Bug Fixes)

I've just released a new version, v1.0.2.7, of my Blogger Backup utility. This is a bug fix release, with no new functionality added.

The primary fix is that it now better handles Blog Titles containing characters that cannot be used in a folder name (like : < > ? * etc).

It also better handles "Stop" events when it's in the middle of a retry loop (Retrying to get comments, etc, now should exit correctly when Stop is clicked).

Thanks to Lisa (Speak Schmeak: things I'm thinking about speakers and speaking) and rupakg for their bug reports and help squashing them...


As for future new features, I'm working on a better path and post naming method. (Work Item #10840)

Then comes the major work on new output formats...


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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

ResX to XLS and Back Again - A Multi-Language Resource Helper

CodeProject - Resx To Xls Conversion for multi language support

"Do you need to localize your resx files and you don't want to open one file at a time, clean it from unused keys, localize it etc etc. ? Resx2Xls it's for you.

1) Open resx2xls. Just point you Project, go to resx2xls tab, the cultures that you nedd for localization, and Click on "Create new empty xls" button. Done!!

2) Fill your excel file with your localized key values or just send it to your translator

3) Now do you want to create the localized resx files from the filled excel workbook? Open resx2xls, go to the xls2resx tab, selected your xls file and click "Create resx files". Done!!

4) Have you updated your Project and your resource files have been modified (added, removed, updated)? No problem. Open resx2xls, go to the general tab and select your project root, go to the xls2resx tab, selected your xls file and click "Update xls from Project". Done!!


Nice. When/if I add multi-language support to my Blogger Backup utility, this could be very useful.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Blogger Backup Featured on

I just got an email that my Blogger Backup utility has been listed on, (mostly Spanish language site, though with English listings too).

A few other people have also been talking/blogging about it too (Technorati) (Wow, there's more than I realized... How cool is that?)

For a little utility that I threw together "just because," I think that's kind of cool.

Anyway, as I was working on it this weekend (working on the new user /macro driven path/post naming feature) I was thinking about ripping out all the embedded text and sticking them into language resources. I've never built an international/multi-language UI application (well I have a suite I developed running in Canada, but... well... you know... they are connected... and all... um... yeah...) so I think that would be pretty cool to do.

Added to the list.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Blogger/GData API Comment Update

Blogger Data API - ANN: Blogger / GData API adds bits of threading RFC 4685

"We've been following James Snell's Atom Threading Extensions RFC 4685:

as a way to link Blogger's posts feeds and comments feeds together.
With last night's push we added a bit of this, rel="replies".

Now entries for posts with comments enabled link to the per-post comments feed and the HTML comments form via <link> tags.


This could help streamline comment processing in my Blogger Backup utility. I'll have to give this a look...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blogger Backup Released (and status change from Alpha to Beta)

I've just released and checked in the code for v of my Blogger Backup Utility.

This version was tested on my blog, backing up 2,340 posts and 294 post comments (each of the 294 files will contain all the comments for a given post. So that's not 294 comments, but that 294 posts had comments and those were backed up/saved to disk...)

I'm also upgrading its status from Alpha to Beta.

By Beta, I mean it works, I use it, others have used it, but there's still stuff to be done to it yet (like supporting other save formats). I considered calling this version RTM, but wanted a "it's still a beta" safety net, just in case... ;)


You can now backup "Only new posts since" date/time. Meaning you can now back up the new posts since your last backup, or posts posted between and a given date/time in the past

The date/time of the newest post backed up is now stored. Making the "Only new posts since" feature that much more useful.

Nuked Blogger 2.0 (Old Blogger) references/etc.

Release Notes:

  • Removed "Blogger 2.0 (Old Blogger)" as an option
    • Added "Only new posts since" feature
  • Using this to get the posts posted between now and the given date
  • Changed form/control layout
  • Added an initial "All Posts since last backup" type of feature
    • Now the newest/latest Post's date is saved when backing up.
    • The next time that blog is selected; the "Only new posts since" fields will be populated with that date/time.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Safe Name" function, where it wouldn't work after creating a "0001" named file.
    • So after saving a same-named post for the third time, the application would appear to freeze up.
    • Stupid location of a Dim was the cause (Note to Self, Dim/initialize an incrementing variable OUTSIDE the loop ... sigh...)
  • Added more reliable Comment saving.
    • Added retries and cleaned up the code a little to try to make comment saving more reliable.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blogger Backup Alpha Released

Blogger Backup CodePlex Project - Release Download

I've just released of my Blogger Backup utility. Still alpha, but it's working (I used it about once a month to backup my blog). There's still a number of features I'd like to add, with "Backup posts since last backup" being the main one I want to add...

Here is a snapshot of what's in this release.

  • Added "Save posts as(format)" option (includes "All posts in a single massive file" feature)

    This is the beginning of support for saving the posts in different formats.

    Atom Single (one file per post)
    Atom Combined(all posts in one file)
    [Pending] BlogML Combined(all posts in one file)
    [Pending] HTML Single
    [Pending] HTML Combined
    [Possible] Open XML/WordML (Office 2007) Single [Require .Net 3 be installed]
    [Possible] Open XML/WordML (Office 2007) Combined [Require .Net 3 be installed]
    [Possible] PDF Single
    [Possible] PDF Combined
    [Possible] MHTML
    etc, etc.

    * This feature needs some major rework and needs a provider/plugin model.

  • Added "Maximum Entries Per File" option
    When backing up post to a single file, this option will let you "batch" them into groups.

    Setting "Maximum Entries Per File" to 250 when using the "Atom Combined" format means that the a given combined XML file will only have 250 posts in and and additional files added as needed.

    For example, if you have 397 posts in your blog, and your max is set to 250, you will get two files. The first with 250 posts and the second with the remainder...
  • Upgraded/replaced the gdata.dll with the latest release of google.gdata.client.dll(
  • Added error handling to better deal with timeout issues when getting the get batch of posts.
  • Updated Blogger root URL, Replacing "Blogger 3.0 (Beta)" with "Blogger 3.0" and "Blogger 2.0" with "Blogger 2.0 (Old Blogger)"
  • Updated to support saving of comments from Blogger 3/(Beta) blogs
    Blogger 2 does not support the extraction of comments...

    Comments currently always save a separate Atom 1.0 files no matter the selected "save posts as(format)" option
  • Fixed bug where Latest 50 & Latest 100 stopped after only getting the latest 25
  • Added Version Number to main form's title text
  • Updated to remember and restore main form size and position

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blogger Backup v1.0.0.2 Alpha Release

Blogger Backup v1.0.0.2 has just been released...


Web proxy support added (accessed via the Tools/Options menu)

Better handling of long paths (i.e. > MAX_PATH)


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blogger Backup v1.0.0.1 Alpha Release

Just released is v1.0.0.1 of the the Blogger Backup Utility.

My primary to do's before beta are incremental/just new stuff/get stuff since last run/etc backups and BlogML support...

Here are the v1.0.0.1 release notes:

Fixed Blogger 3.0 issue.
Now works with both Blogger 2 and Blogger 3

Added Release History text file and related Help menu item

Added "Append Blog Title to Backup Path" option, defaulted as true/on.
This will add an additional folder level, named based on the given blog's title.

Updated descriptive label text, changing case, etc.

Updated tab order

Swaped positions of "Get only the most recent:" and "Overwrite existing backups?"

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blogger Backup Utility v1.0.0.0 Alpha Released

I've just uploaded the source and the Setup for the first alpha release of the Blogger Backup utility to the CodePlex project.

It's FUBLY, but it seems to work (on my machine, against my blog, etc), there's little to no error checking, your mileage may vary, use at your own risk, etc, etc, yada, yada...

It makes no changes to your blog, only writes XML files to a path you select,  makes no changes to your system, so it SHOULD be pretty safe to use (but your mileage may vary, use at your own risk...  ;)

Here are some screenshots of the utility in action (see I told you it was FUBLY  ;)


To Do:

Add BlogML support
Test with Blogger 3.0/beta
Add More/Better/Some error handling
Make it prettier
Allow the user to select specific posts for backup
Implement incremental backup (i.e. "Backup the newest stuff, the stuff added since the last backup...")

Maybe New features like Archive Title Page HTML generation, with optional grouping/sorting by date, etc.

Think "archive page, but just with Titles (as links to posts), sorted and grouped by week, or month, or year, etc".

Think about an annual post with the titles from that year. Or a summary, sorting the titles alphabetically. Or my post size. Or stuff like that...

Now that I can get all the posts from my blog, just think of the stuff you can DO with all that data!  Muhahahaha...


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Update #1 11/21/2006 @ 10:00 PM (PST):

I just signed up for a Blogger 3 (beta) blog and this backup utility DOESN'T work for Blogger 3(i.e.

There seems to be a problem in during the post download/save phase... I'll look at it tomorrow...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Blogger Backup using the C# GData Client Library...

I think I've finally found a viable, working method to easily back up my Blogger Posts to disk.

Using the Google GData API and their C# client library implementation, I've created a simple proof of concept Blogger Backup utility in which I was able to save all of my 2058 blog posts to individual XML files.

Rock On!

Here's a couple screenshots of the results...


I've just requested a CodePlex project and will be getting the code into releasable shape (beta at least) tomorrow (being on vacation means I can code all day... ;)

The current output/save format is Atom XML (which comes for free in the GData library). One of the things I'd really like to do is also support BlogML. Since it's XML to XML, that should be a simple transform away...

More to follow in the coming days...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Blogger Backup with Tortuga Blogger 2.0 .NET Component

Not having a life, I just gave the Open Intelligence Data ™/Tortuga Blogger 2 .Net component that I posted about here, Free Blogger 2.0 .NET Component, a quick try.

The MSI was a simple file copy and appears to be safe. I do need to run reflector on it to confirm there’s nothing bad in there though (said after I’ve already used the component… Dogh!)

Using it is very easy. And it could almost be perfect as a Blogger backup. The only problem is that it can only access your last 100 posts!

Damn, so close. And it’s almost perfect too. The BlogPost.SaveToXml is great. It does seem to have an nbsp issue, so the XML won’t load into IE. But that’s easy enough to solve.

All I need is a way to get my TotalPosts and then a method to get a post by TotalPostIndex. I wonder if this is a problem with the Blogger API and not this component? Time to do more R&D. I’d really rather use the API to backup my blog instead of spidering it…  

Anyway, below is a very quick and dirty VB7.1 code snip that shows how to use Tortuga Blogger 2 .Net component to log into Blogger, get your first blog and download to xml all your recent posts (up to the most recent 100).

    Dim Blogger As New Tortuga.Blogger

    Blogger.LoginName = "Put your Blogger User ID Here"
    Blogger.Password = "Put your Blogger Password Here"

    If Not Blogger.Login Then
    End If

    Dim blog As Tortuga.Blog = Blogger.GetBlogByIndex(0) 'Get 1st blog
    If blog Is Nothing Then
    End If


    Dim RecentPostCount As Integer = blog.NumPosts

    For BlogPostIndex As Integer = 0 To RecentPostCount - 1

      Dim blogpost As Tortuga.BlogPost = blog.GetPost(BlogPostIndex)

      blogpost.SaveToXmlFile("C:\test\" & BlogPostIndex.ToString("000") & ".xml")