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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Black Box for Your Car – 20 Seconds of Video and Data to prove you didn't (hopefully) do it. - Have you ever been wrongly accused in an auto accident?


RoadScan automatically senses driving accidents in real time, stores the video and acceleration data for 14 seconds before the accident and 6 seconds after the accident. As many as 10 accident videos can be stored. Manual storage function is provided for data storage regardless of impact it may have sustained during its operation. The image and data of accidents can be analyzed using an accompanying simulation program.


Having recently been in an accident, How not to end your morning commute..., I found this product pretty interesting. While it appears that I have gotten lucky and don't have to fight to prove it the other drivers fault, I think having this in the car would have really helped. Talk about an open and shut decision! At $299 it feels a little pricey. Yet given that is just 3/5's of my insurance deductible, maybe it's not really all pricey at that.

Now if I can get a break on my car insurance by having this, then I'd get it in a heart beat...

(via Gizmodo - Roadscan Drive Recorder: Like a Black Box For Your Car)