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Friday, November 15, 2013

Katniss the cat in the kitty remake of The Hunger Games

CNET - Katniss the kitty? Cats remake 'The Hunger Games'

"Meow the odds be ever in your favor!" The Pet Collective casts cats in the roles of Katniss Everdeen and the other beloved characters from "The Hunger Games."

(Image Credit: CNET -> The Pet Collective)

It's hard to improve on the hit movie and beloved best-selling series "The Hunger Games" -- unless, of course, you replace all the humans with cats. Instead of elaborate special effects, the movie set is "Sweded" (re-created using the cheapest materials possible) into a cardboard masterpiece. Or is that meow-sterpiece?


Having just recently read the three Catching Fire books, well, watching this put a whole new light on the series. And it's pretty darn funny too... :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mouse, I have you now... Building a Kitten Cardboard Tank

Instructables - How to build a Tank with a Cardboard Box

"I am going to show you the steps of how I made my own tank out of a cardboard box, I made it for my little kitten, who can sit inside of it!


With all the cardboard we now have laying around, I'm thinking two for my cats and a bigger one for my dog... :P

Friday, August 08, 2008

I HAZ UR DEEP LOL – Deep Zoom meets LOLCats

robburke.NET - I maded you a FractLOL…

“… and then I Silverlit it!

Is alternately a LOLQuilt, a ROFLMosaic, or a Deep LOL! :)


Here is the full screen version.

Click, drag, shift-click and use the mouse wheel to see that the image is made of over 10,000 LOLCats (there are 2,442 unique images here).

How this came to be?

The kittehs are from the very awesum which I love and will link to again because I hope they will also find this awesum and not tell me to make it go away.

The photomosaic was generated…”

What better use of Silverlight, Silverlight Streaming, Deep Zoom and Deep Zoom Composer than a mosaic of 2,442 LOLCats? Take that Hard Rock! LOL

That top picture is a mosaic of 10,000 LOLCats images. Deep zoom way in to see the base images…

(via Martha Rotter's Blog - LOL-Tastic)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Kitt-In Box – Finally a place for your cat on your desk…

The Refined FelineKitt-In Box



We love our cats... and they seem to love walking across our keyboards! You can't blame them, they just want to be near us. With the Kitt-In Box, cats have a place to rest that's out of the way, but still an arm length's away from a scratch on the belly.


- Can attach to side of desk
- Felt pads protect desktop
- Supports 20lbs cats
- Perfect size for even LARGE cats to curl up
- Solid pine frame with soft washable cushion

Price: $49.99


That is just cool. My cats are going to love me (and I can stop re-org’ing my desk just so they have some place to lay down ;)

Now let’s see, we have four cats, three of which enjoy supervising me as I work. I could put one there, and another…

(via Michiko's Blog - If your cat loves to be around your computer...)