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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Opening the door at //build/ with Windows Phone 8 and open source frameworks...

Interoperability @ Microsoft - //build/ today with open source frameworks on Windows Phone 8

The cool news for developers keeps on rolling at //build/ 2012. We’re thrilled to relay the announcements from a broad range of open source communities that their support for Windows Phone 8 goes live on “Day 1” of the SDK availability, along with other partners. There are several open source frameworks to choose from today.

The Windows Phone team and Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. engaged early in the process with open source communities to enable Windows Phone 8 in these popular open source and cross platform frameworks. We provided technical support and information, gave early access to the tools and MS Open Tech contributed code to the Cocos 2D and Ogre3D projects.


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Since I've blogged about a number of these before only seems fitting to blog about their WP8 milestone too...


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There's an Ogre in my Metro...

Friday, September 28, 2012

SharpDX 2.3 released (think "Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 RTM + lots more" version)

SharpDX - SharpDX2.3 new version released

General Information

  • New release of SharpDX 2.3.0.
  • This version is compatible with Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio 2012 RTM.
  • New target assemblies released : Signed-net40, Signed-winrt. Nuget packages are now providing signed assemblies.
  • *Lots* of small enhancements, changes, bug fixes. See complete listing below.
  • SharpDX.Toolkit, a high level XNA like API for Direct3D11 is under heavy development. The toolkit is not yet part of the distribution but a Beta version should be released by the end of October. Currently implemented:
    • Friendly constructors for all resources (states, textures, rendertargets, buffers).
    • Image and Texture loading & saving for various formats (DDS, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF).
    • A full HLSL Effect / FX system, very similar to legacy FX system, using efficiently Direct3D11, compatible with Windows Desktop and Windows 8 Modern, with a custom compilers. All XNA stock effects (BasicEffect, DualTextureEffect...etc.) were successfully ported to it. The toolkit is coming with its own effect compiler (tkfxc) similar to standard fxc.exe.
  • Concerning support for Windows Phone 8 (WP8) nothing to announce yet until the official release of the WP8 SDK.

Changes and Fixes

The following listing is automatically generated from commit logs.



SharpDX is becoming one of the must watch/use DirectX libraries for Windows 8 Modern UI, who don't want to play in C++ DirectX land, dev's.


Related Past Post XRef:
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SharpDX - A new Managed DirectX/Multimedia API Library (one with Win8/Metro in mind too!)


"SharpDX is a full DirectX framework for the .NET Platform, including the newest DirectX technology. The top three features of SharpDX:

  • SharpDX is providing the latest DirectX and Multimedia API to .Net with true AnyCpu assemblies, running on .Net and Mono.
  • SharpDX is ready for next generation DirectX 11.1 technology and Windows 8 Platform. You can start to develop DirectX Metro style App in C# under Win8!
  • SharpDX is the fastest Managed-DirectX implementation.

SharpDX is using a custom code generator from C++ headers in order to generate an efficient .Net interoperability with C++ DirectX API.



The key features and benefits of this API are:

  • Support for the following DirectX API:
    • Direct3D9 & Ex
    • Direct3D10
    • Direct3D10.1
    • Direct3D11 and Effects11
    • Direct3D11.1 (Win8 only)
    • Direct2D1 (including custom rendering, tessellation callbacks)
    • Direct2D1.1 (Win8 only)
    • DirectCompute
    • DirectWrite (including custom client callbacks)
    • D3DCompiler
    • DXGI
    • DXGI 1.1
    • DXGI 1.2 (Win8 only)
    • DirectInput 8
    • XInput
    • RawInput
    • DirectSound 8
    • X3DAudio
    • XACT3
    • XAudio2
    • XAPO
    • WIC
  • API is generated from DirectX SDK headers : meaning a complete and reliable API and an easy support for future API.
  • Managed platform independent .NET API : assemblies are compiled with AnyCpu target. You can run your code on a x64 or a x86 machine with the same assemblies, without recompiling your project.
  • Lightweight individual assemblies : a core assembly - SharpDX - containing common classes and an assembly for each subgroup API (Direct3D10, Direct3D11, DXGI, D3DCompiler...etc.). Assemblies are also lightweight.
  • Fast Interop : the framework is using a genuine way to avoid any C++/CLI while still achieving better performance than existing managed API. Check this benchmark.
  • API naming convention mostly compatible with SlimDX API.
  • Raw DirectX object life management : No overhead of ObjectTable or RCW mechanism, the API is using direct native management with classic COM method "Release".
  • Easily mergeable / obfuscatable : If you need to obfuscate SharpDX assemblies, they are easily obfusctable due to the fact the framework is not using any mixed assemblies. You can also merge SharpDX assemblies into a single exe using with tool like ILMerge.
  • Easily deployable as SharpDX are plain .NET assemblies, there is no need to install VC runtime or .NET GAC install.
  • An integrated math API directly ported from SlimMath


I like the approach this project takes in that it's a pretty slim wrapper for the DirectX API, that's its foundation is tight coupling to he C++ headers.