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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FlickrNet v3.5 Released - FlickrNet 3.5 Release

"Just a quick post to say I’ve release version 3.5 of the FlickrNet API library.

A couple of things regarding this version and the FlickrNet library roadmap:

  • This will be the last version to support the old Authentication model. Going forward only oauth will be supported.
  • This will also be the last version to support .Net Compact Framework.

Going forward I also hope the next version will support Windows Runtime as well, at least for .Net applications (not sure about JavaScript/C++ support yet).

Download it from or get it via NuGet." [GD: Post Leached in Full]

FlickrNet API Library

Welcome to the Flickr.Net API Libraries new home on CodePlex.

The Flickr.Net API Library is a .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API. It is written entirely in C# it can be accessed from the following frameworks:

  • .Net Framework 2.0 and above.
  • .Net Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 and above.
  • Silverlight 3.0 and above.
  • Windows 7 Phone
  • Mono
  • Monotouch for iPhone

You can contact me at via the People tab or post a discussion here on codeplex if you require further help.
See my Flickr homepage at
More Information


This is THE library (IMHO) to go to if you want to work with Flickr from .Net.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Two cool NuGets of the day: FlickrNet (3.2.4310) and (2.9.4)

Code Climber - 2.9.4 is out, now with NuGet

There is no official news feed for the project, so I’m just copying here the announcement from their homepage:

We finally got it out the door, it took a lot longer than we expected. However, we have a ton of bug fixes rolled into this release as well as a number of new features.

  • Some of the bug fixes include: concurrency issues, mono compilation issues, and memory leaks.
  • A lot of work has been done to clean up the code base, refactoring the code and project files, and providing build scripts
  • A couple of new features: Search.Regex, Simple Faceted Search, and simple phrase analysis in the Fast Vector Highlighter
  • Download it now on our downloads page

Just around the corner is a 2.9.4g release (early January), that has been substantially refactored and uses generics across the board.

Lucene NuGet Packages:

FlickrNet API Library

The Flickr.Net API Library is a .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API. It is written entirely in C# it can be accessed from the following frameworks:

  • .Net Framework 2.0 and above.
  • .Net Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 and above.
  • Silverlight 3.0 and above.
  • Windows 7 Phone
  • Mono
  • Monotouch for iPhone

FlickrNet NuGet Packages:

FlickrNet is one of my favorite managed Flickr libraries and Lucene.Net speaks for itself... :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

WLW Picture Post Plugin Released (Windows Live Writer Beta 2 Release)

I've updated and released v1.0.0.7 of my Windows Live Writer Picture Post Plugin

The primary update in this version was to get it working in Windows Liver Writer Beta 2 (WLW B2).

Release Notes

PLEASE NOTE: This version only works with Windows Live Writer Beta 2

  • Better implementation of the WLW B2 fix (this time using the AssemblyResolve event. See below for the dirty details)
  • Added Preview Feature
    • Now you can preview how the picture/thumbnail will look prior to inserting it (to make sure the selected thumbnail size is what you had in mind, etc).
  • Changed initial plugin behavior - canceling the initial file selection dialog also cancels the Upload Picture Dialog
    • So now you don't have to click Cancel twice...
  • Added Plugin version number to the dialog Title (This was fun too... again, see below for more details)
  • Added Visit FlickrNet linklabel 
    • To give additional credit to the library that without which coding this plugin would have been much harder...
  • Fixed layout/dialog resize with the Insert As label and combobox


This plugin still needs some polishing, but it works and does for me what I need it to do (which is quickly upload pictures to Flickr/23hq and insert them into the WLW post)...

Once Zooomr Mark 3 is stable, I'll again see about adding Zooomr support (I need to find a way to get a Developer Key)

Here are some screenshots from this new version.



WLW B2 Dependant Assembly Resolution Notes


I was having an dependant assembly load issue. With WLWL B2, my plugin wasn't able to find the FlickrNet assembly and was gacking. And probably rightly so...

When I started using FlickrNet I was worried about file collisions with other WLW plugin's with used it (like Flickr4Writer, etc). I didn't want to worry that I might overwrite a newer version or have another plugin's install overwrite mine (or worry about version comparability, etc). I wanted to be sure that the FlickrNet version I was using was always what I intended. And while FlickrNet is strong named, I didn't want to GAC it (for xcopy deployment simplicity).

So what did I do? A slimy hack... I renamed the FlickrNet.dll to WLWPicturePost.FlickrNet.dll. And it seemed to work okay, until now...

In hindsight, I now feel that was officially "bad" (Ya think? To rename a strongly named DLL. I should have used another approach).

And now with WLW B2, this hack came back to bite me.


To resolve this, I'm now creating a private bin "WLWPicturePost" subfolder in the Windows Live Writer\Plugins folder and putting my correctly named FlickrNet.DLL in there. And doing another hack... sigh.

To enable my plugin to find FlickrNet in it's new subfolder, I had add the following code snip;

AppDomain.CurrentDomain.AppendPrivatePath( _ AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.PrivateBinPath & "\WLWPicturePost")

The issue is that AppendPrivatePath is deprecated and will likely go away in the future.

I tried changing my plugin's App.config, adding runtime dependantAssemply redirection, codebase href, updating the probe, etc, but no joy (because it's an assembly inside another .Net App?). Can't use PrivateBinPath because that only works when creating a new AppDomain. I tried hooking into the AssemblyResolve event, but... well... I got lazy and didn't work too hard on getting that to work.

So at least AppendPrivatePath works, but....

Anyway, I'm not TOO worried about the deprecated usage though... The .Net 2 framework base will be with us for another couple years at least (since .Net 3 & 3.5 all include 2.0 as their base), so I don't have to fix this today. But I have to say this current solution just doesn't smell all that good to me...

Probably the AssemblyResolve event will be the right way. Or probably even better, GAC'ing FlickrNet (since it's already strongly named, GAC'ing it solves my version concern, and any user installing a Plugin already has to have rights to write to the Program Files folder, so will likely have to be admin elevated anyway...?).

[...the next day...]

I woke up this morning and just didn't feel right with my AppendPrivatePath solution...

So after a quick SearchDotNet I found this Microsoft Knowledge Base article, "How to load an assembly at runtime that is located in a folder that is not the bin folder of the application", which was exactly what I needed.

A few minutes later, I had a "good" working solution to my dependant assembly issue. Yeah! I feel much better now... :)


Plugin Version in the Title Notes

I like putting an app's version number into it's Title text. I've found it makes my support life easier. I never have to ask a user, "what version are you using..." when they send me a screenshot (nor do I have to guess).

Usually it's as easy as putting the below line in the Form_Load event;

Me.Text = Me.Text & " (" & My.Application.Info.Version.ToString & ")"

Well guess what happened when I did this for this plugin? I got a version number all right. The WLW Version number! (12.0.1183.516). Dogh!

Well I KNOW my assembly has it's own version number, all I had to do was find a way to get at it.

After a bit of playing around (and looking at the work down in the above AssemblyResolve event handling), this is the solution I found...

Imports System.Reflection

.... Form_Load ...

Dim objExecutingAssembly As [Assembly]
objExecutingAssembly = [Assembly].GetExecutingAssembly()
Me.Text = Me.Text & " (" & objExecutingAssembly.GetName().Version.ToString & ")"


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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Website Thumbnail Windows Live Writer Plugin

DDITWeb - Windows Live Writer Plugins & Dirty Diapers!

"I've been playing around with Windows Live Writer for a little while now (since it first came out in beta!) and the more I use it, the better it seems to get (in case you haven't used it, I encourage you to check it out).


So what's the plugin called and where can I get it?

It's called "Insert Website Image" and you can download it from here!

All source code can also be downloaded from here!


This is a pretty cool WLW Plugin...

My only issue is that my blog host doesn't support image uploading with WLW. Sounds like an opportunity to use my FlickrNet/Picture Post plugin experience doesn't it!  ;)

(via Steve Clayton: Geek In Disguise - Windows Live Writer Plugin - website thumbnail)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Flickr4Office (Flickr Add-ins for Word 2007 & Outlook 2007)

The Road to Know Where - New Microsoft Office 2007 Flickr Add-ins

"Microsoft's Codeplex project has released two Office 2007 Add-insa Windows Vista Flickr Uploader tool for uploading pictures to Flickr, specifically to be used in Windows Vista. Vista is capable of managing metadata (such as title, description and tags) inside picture files by storing it in an XMP section.




These two plugin let you upload, search and browse images on Flickr and easily add them to your respective Word/Outlook document/email. 

Both were written by Tim Heuer, who is behind the cool Flickr4Writer and both use the very cool FlickrNet library. And being on Codeplex, the source (C# for both) is easily downloadable.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Picture Post Windows Liver Writer Plugin v1.0.0.4 Released (Web Proxy Release)

The Picture Post WLW Plugin has been updated and released to better support web proxies.

The cool FlickrNet library already supported proxies, so all I had to do was feed it the web proxy settings from WLW (see related post).

Now on to the Related Post Plugin, which is going to take a little longer as the My.Blogs library doesn't support proxies. (yet  ;)

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bLaugh Windows Live Writer Plugin v1.0.0.1 Released (Web Proxy Release)

The bLaugh WLW Plugin has been updated and released to better support web proxies.

The very cool XML-RPC.Net library already exposed a Proxy setting, so all I needed to do was get the configured Windows Liver Writer Proxy.

Flickr4Writer led the way with Tim showing how he's supporting web proxies.

The magic is in "WindowsLive.Writer.Api.PluginHttpRequest.GetWriterProxy()" function which returns a System.Net.WebProxy object. That can then be passed through to supporting libraries (like FlickrNet, XML-RPC.Net, etc).

FYI, I'm now moving onto updating my other web accessing WLW Plugins (Related Post and Picture Post) with web proxy support too...

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another Weekend, Another WLW Plugin - WLW Picture Post Plugin

I've recently been bitten by the photo post bug... But I'm a lazy guy and want the photo uploading and posting to be easy and to not distract from my writing (such as it is).

While there's an already very cool Flickr browser/search plugin for WLW (Flickr4Writer), it doesn't yet allow uploading or support other Flickr API hosts (i.e. Zooomr).

So that meant it was time to put on my WLW Plugin Coder hat.

The above post is the result (i.e. it works, Yeah!!!)

It's still very alpha at this point, and I need to get permission from work to release it, yada, yada, yada. But it's do'able and it works. I'm waiting on my Zooomr API Key, after which I'll add support for it too...

Hat's off to Sam Judson(FlickrNet API Library) and Tim Heuer (Flickr4Writer) for their outstanding work. I'm standing on the shoulders of giants (which makes changing light bulbs much easier ;)