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Friday, August 26, 2011

"Sho for IronPython 2.7" from Microsoft Research (aka "the .Net Playground for Data")

Microsoft Research - Sho for IronPython 2.7

"Sho is a playground for data: a set of libraries and an interactive environment for rapid prototyping, data analysis, and visualization. It consists of libraries for math and visualization that can be accessed from any .NET language, as well as an interactive console and other modules built in IronPython for data manipulation, visualization, and analysis of arbitrary .NET objects and data structures. This version targets IronPython 2.7, which is required to use Sho with the Python Tools for Visual Studio.

File Name: Sho.msi

Version: 2.0.5

Date Published: 17 August 2011

Download Size: 57.29 MB


Sho: the .NET Playground for Data

"Sho is an interactive environment for data analysis and scientific computing that lets you seamlessly connect scripts (in IronPython) with compiled code (in .NET) to enable fast and flexible prototyping. The environment includes powerful and efficient libraries for linear algebra as well as data visualization that can be used from any .NET language, as well as a feature-rich interactive shell for rapid development.



Interesting. Will be keeping an eye out for more on this...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best of UK MSDN Flash 2009 eBook

Goto 100 - Development with Visual Basic - FREE MSDN Flash eBook of the best 13 technical articles of 2009


The UK MSDN Flash developer newsletter contains great short technical articles written by UK developers both inside Microsoft and in the broader developer community. This eBook pulls together these great articles in one place. There are thirteen articles in this second edition covering Python, Inversion of Control, Behavior Driven Development, Silverlight and more.


Snap of the cover;


From the Table of Contents;



Memory Maped Files with .NET Framework 4.0


Why IronPython?


Why do I need an Inversion of Control Container?

Technical Debt

Neural Networks

Getting Started with the Managed Extensibility Framework

Is BDD just TDD with a different name?

Test Doubles, Mocking and Stubs


ASP.NET 4.0 Web Forms


Generate Office 2007 Documents with the help of DocumentReflector

Model-View-ViewModel gets the most out of WPF and Silverlight

Consuming real-time data in a Silverlight RIA


Some short but cool articles, easily read and consumed.


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Monday, December 15, 2008

IronPython 2.0 Released - Now built on top the DLR

CodePlexIronPython- IronPython 2.0 Release

Released: Dec 10 2008
Updated: Dec 10 2008 by dfugate
Dev status: Stable Stable: This software is believed to be ready for use
Downloaded: 6149 downloads
application, 2122K, uploaded Wed - 1102 downloads

application, 5137K, uploaded Wed - 2750 downloads
source code, 2881K, uploaded Wed - 743 downloads
example, 639K, uploaded Wed - 1554 downloads

Release Notes

The IronPython and Dynamic Language Runtime teams are proud to announce the release of IronPython 2.0 final. IronPython 2.0 is the culmination of nearly two years worth of work resulting in a CPython 2.5 compatible release on .NET 2.0 SP1. By far, the biggest change to 2.0 is that our 1.1 codebase was refactored to run on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime. With this we automatically get improvements in many feature areas such as better .NET interop support and hosting Python from managed code. There have been many other major improvements as well. The most notable are:

  • An MSI installer for Windows platforms which includes parts of the CPython 2.5 standard library
  • IronPython assemblies targeting Silverlight and tools such as Chiron to improve the Silverlight dynamic development experience
  • The addition of more C-based standard modules such as cmath and _winreg
  • Significant improvements in importing compatibility and features
  • Distribution of IronPython under the Microsoft Public License which has been approved by OSI
  • Performance improvements. On that note, a new Wiki page has been created for IronPython performance reports - see
  • Over 500 bugs have been closed in 2.0. 453 of these were reported on CodePlex
  • Support for precompilation of Python source files into a single dll

This seems like an opportune time to remind everyone that we fix bugs based on the number of votes they have on CodePlex. As we’re planning on releasing IronPython 2.0.1 fairly soon, please vote for your favorite bugs at to help ensure they get fixed in time for the next release.


I don’t Python, yet, but I still think this is an important milestone for .Net developers

(via less than dot - IronPython 2.0 has been released, now runs on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR))


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