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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Java for .Net? Ja!

InfoQ - Java 1.5 for the .NET Platform

“Ja.NET is a port of Java 1.5 SE to the .NET platform. The compiler is based on the Eclipse JDT, which has been modified to generate IL as well as Java Byte Code. Java traditionally compiles each class into a separate file, but this creates an unacceptable overhead for .NET. To address this, a tool based on Cecil is used to create larger assemblies much in the same way Jar files are created for Java.

In order to get a head-start on library support, the Ja.NET JDK is based on the open source project Apache Harmony …”

Ja.NET - Java Development Tools for .NET

“Welcome to Ja.NET -- a new web site building an open community dedicated to enabling Java as a first class development and runtime environment for .NET.  Our vision is simple: Establish a community of interest, together with a set of projects, focused on delivering the tools and middleware required to leverage the enormous investments that exist today in Java software on the .NET platform.

Our first project is the development of a Java 5 JDK for .NET. We've named it "Ja.NET SE", and we are making good progress towards delivering our first release. We are posting builds regularly, so feel free to download a build and give it a try. If you run into any problems, please let us know.

So if you have a need for Java on .NET, then we’d encourage you to get involved by joining the Ja.NET SE project or starting one of your own. Whether you have a specific Java on .NET need, or you just have an opinion you'd like to share with us, provide us some feedback below, or start up a forum discussion.


Ja.NET - Java Development Tools for .NET - Ja.NET SE Overview


Developer Scenerios

Ultimately, the goal of the Ja.NET SE project is to provide developers with the tools and runtime environment to support the following developer scenarios:

  • Take existing Java class library source code and recompile it using the Ja.NET SE JDK producing .NET versions of those libraries. The new libraries should be easily incorporated into new or existing .NET-based applications (likely written in other .NET languages). The existing Java-based source could be reused as is, or it could be extended to incorporate or integrate new capabilities found in other .NET-based class libraries.
  • Take an existing Java-based application, recompile the source code using the Ja.NET SE JDK, and incorporate other .NET-based class libraries. This will create a new version of the application which can be run on .NET. Using the Ja.NET SE-provided launcher, the new .NET version of the Java application runs on .NET and behaves as it did on the Java RI, yet also provides new functionality derived from incorporating the new .NET class libraries.