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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Got a month? Want to learn Knockout, HTML5, SPA and ASP.NET Web API? Want to do it for free [follow-ware, Limited time offer!]?

John Papa - Learn about Knockout, HTML5, SPA and ASP.NET Web API for Free!

"Special thanks to both Scott Guthrie and Pluralsight for pulling together a special promotion that allows you to get a free 1-month subscription to watch both my Knockout / MVVM course and my Single Page Apps with HTML5, ASP.NET Web API, Knockout, and jQuery at no cost!  That’s over 10 hours of material for free!


ScottGu's Blog - Great Free Courses on Building HTML5 apps using ASP.NET Web API, Knockout.js and jQuery

"Pluralsight has developed some great training courses on the new .NET 4.5 and VS 2012 release, including two fantastic courses from John Papa that cover how to build HTML5 web apps using ASP.NET Web API, Knockout and jQuery:

Free 1-Month Subscription to the Courses

Pluralsight is offering a special promotion that allows you to get a free 1-month subscription to watch the above courses at no cost.  There is no obligation to buy anything at the end of the offer and you don’t need to supply a credit card in order to take part in it.

To get access to the course you simply follow @pluralsight and @john_papa on Twitter and then visit this page and enter your Twitter name using the form on it.  Pluralsight will then send you a private twitter message containing the access code that you can use to subscribe to the courses (and download the course exercise files).  Once you are subscribed to the course you have one month to watch the course (and you can watch it as many times as you want during the month).


the pluralsight blog - Free Offer: Learn about Knockout, HTML5, SPA and ASP.NET Web API

"Pluralsight author, John Papa, has been on a roll. He recently published the following two courses that teach how to build modern HTML5-based Web applications:

The response to both courses has been nothing short of amazing. In fact, the SPA course is now the #1 most popular course in our library!

We want to share the love.

So we’ve decided to make both courses available for FREE to our Twitter community – you can request a free activation code for the next week through September 18th. Enjoy!



It really is as easy as Scott describes it and didn't take me but a few minutes to get my code. Sure it's a drive to get twitter followers, but the content looks to be great and I'll give each a follower to get access to it...

Monday, November 21, 2011

KsigDo = Knockout + SignalR To-do Demo App (with real-time multi-user sync and MVC, MVVM, ASP.Net and EF thrown in for flavor)

amazedsaint's #tech journal - KsigDo Task Pad – Real-Time UI View Model syncing across users with ASP.NET, SignalR, Knockout MVVM and EF


KsigDo = Knockout + SignalR To-do app. Source code is here in Codeplex, keep it handy.

Real time data syncing across user views *was* hard, especially in web applications. Most of the time, the second user needs to refresh the screen, to see the changes made by first user, or we need to implement some long polling that fetches the data and does the update manually.

Now, with SignalR and Knockout, ASP.NET developers can take advantage of view model syncing across users, that’ll simplify these scenarios in a big way, with minimal code. This post discusses how to implement a real time to-do pad, which will sync data across users accessing the application. This means, users can make changes to their tasks (add/remove/update etc), and other users will see the changes instantly. The focus is on the technique, I’m not trying to build a fabulous user experience here.

I know we are tired with To-do examples, but now let us build a To-do application that can sync tasks between you and your wife (or your team mates) in real time, with full CRUD support, and persistence. And yes, we’ll keep the code minimal, and maintainable using a proper View Model (Oh, is that possible in JavaScript?).

So, see this video, and here you can see the changes you apply to the tasks in one screen (adding, deleting, updating etc) you can see that the data is getting synced across multiple users.


Surprise, we are done. Very minimal code, very little effort, Great results. Thank you ASP.NET, SignalR, Entity Framework and Knockout. And that is why I love .NET Smile. Happy Coding, but follow me in twitter @amazedsaint and subscribe to this blog.



If you've not seen this blogged about a bunch already, then I'm sure you will. It's a pretty awesome and cool demo...