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Friday, May 23, 2008

300 tips toward being a better People Manager...

Slacker Manager - 300 Free Employee Engagement Ideas E-Book

"Are you looking for ideas to create, build, foster, and sustain employee engagement? In conjunction with 11 other authors from the EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT NETWORK we created a 39 page free e-book to enrich your employee engagement knowledge and efforts.


Here are 7 suggestions on how you can apply the concepts from the book:

  1. Scan the authors to find ideas.
  2. Read the book as a primer to create your own alphabet.
  3. Launch a team or project group exercise on engagement based on the book.
  4. Choose a letter each day and focus on that letter to enhance your own engagement or the engagement of others.
  5. Share the alphabets with others at work.
  6. Offer the book as a free resource during employee engagement workshops.
  7. Develop your own applications based on your interest and focus on employee engagement.


How did you learn to manage people? On the job, on the fly, as you go, right? From how you were/are managed? By seeing and remembering what you liked and didn't (i.e. management patterns and anti-patterns)? Try this, try that and try again?

Yeah, me too.

So I try to keep an open mind and eye out for ways to be a better manager, boss, and best of all, leader. When I saw this, and given it's pretty short and free, I thought it well worth a quick post...

This not a long drawn out "How to manage people and get them to pretend they are engaged" ebook filled with pages of theory and methodologies, instead a list of short and simple suggestions from a number of experienced people. It's easily digestible and can be used right away. And did I say it was free?

If nothing else, it can be a reminder to you, the manager, to lift your head up out of the day to day madness and see beyond the door toward making your workplace just a tiny bit better. Do this enough and it should add up to a win for everyone...