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Monday, January 12, 2015

DotNetKicks is alive and, well, kicking!


DNK is new and you are part of it!

Just a bit of news that we have completely rearchitected, programmed and designed DNK over the last 3 months. As all of us here know, DNK is now showing the best .Net content on a daily basis. We’re seeing over new stories 10 a day, so don’t miss out.

DNK’s format now lets you see comments inline in a nifty sidebar. Voting is only when you like a piece because it’s all from the community. The notification system has been rebuilt and the site is more than 2X as fast.

Pretty good for 3 months!

If you want to be a contributor to the site just email us at with a bit about what you’re working on in .Net.

Thank you for your support of DotNetKicks!

Robert, Bob, Paul, Mike and James


Back in the day, DNK used to be one of my favorite news aggregators/social/link/thing. But it seemed to fall on hard times and withered away...

Well what was old is new again and DNK is back baby! Feed re-added to my news stream :)


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Jon applies his "Speaker Social" treatment to AzureConf 2012

Jon Gallant - AzureConf 2012 Speaker Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn Accounts

Here are the AzureConf 2012 speaker blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Enjoy!


You can subscribe to the AzureConf 2012 speaker blogs by importing this OPML file [GD: Click through the for links] into your feed reader.

If you aren’t familiar with OPML, it is an xml file that contains feed urls. You can easily import an OPML file into your feed reader and subscribe to all the feeds in bulk. If you don’t know how to do this then just search for “OPML import [feed reader name]” (replace [feed reader name] with the feed reader you use). Ping me if you have any trouble and I'll do my best to help you out.



Jon has done this for a number of recent conferences and they are just awesome... Here's just a few.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Does social media hurt or help? Well here's one pooch, and family, it helped...

Simi Valley Missing Pets is a Facebook page that's a labor of love focused on helping local, Simi Valley, pets find their humans, humans their pets, pets new humans, etc. This update today touched my heart in a "wow, that's just awesome" kind of way...


I love it when this works the way it should. 45 min ago I was sent a pic of a found boxer. 17 min ago I posted it. 14 min ago someone saw the post and said it looked like a dog she knew. 4 min ago the owner called me. 2 min ago the dog was on it's way home.~ All in 45 min. All because of networking at its best.~

One of the comments;

Thank you SO MUCH to this page & people willing to help a scared dog running down the street, I KNEW this was Tank, he's my buddy & much loved by his owners (& me!), when I called him, his owner said "please tell me you found my dog" & was so happy he was safe.

Simi Valley Missing Pets

I just got a call from a second friend of the boxer's owner! What I love about this the most is it gives everyone a chance to help. You can be at work and just happen to see a post that is about a pet you know. And I notice so many people are more apt to stop and pick up a stray knowing they have a community that is here to help. Gone are the days that if you find a pet you must keep it or take it to the pound!

Kudos to Simi Valley Missing Pets, our community for helping out a stray and to social media in general. Tank and family are so much happier because of you...