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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

WebMatix Gets Azure, Version Control Support, Remote Editing and more... WebMatrix 3 RTW's

ScottGu's Blog - Announcing the Release of WebMatrix 3

I’m excited to announce the release of WebMatrix 3.  WebMatrix is a free, lightweight web development tool we first introduced in 2010, and which provides a great, focused web development experience for ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js.  

Today’s release includes a ton of great new features.  You can easily get started by downloading it, and watching an introduction video:


Demo Video

Some of the highlights of today’s release include deep Windows Azure integration, source control tooling for Git and TFS, and a new remote editing experience. 

Windows Azure Integration

With WebMatrix 3, we are making it really easy to move to the cloud. 

The first time you launch WebMatrix 3, there’s an option to sign into Windows Azure.  You can sign in using the same credentials you use with the Windows Azure Management Portal:


The end result is a simple, fast and super effective way to edit your sites locally and host and manage them in Windows Azure. 

Watch this great video as Eric build a site with WebMatrix 3 and deploys it to Windows Azure.

Source Control with Git and TFS

One of the most requested features in WebMatrix 2 was support for version control.  WebMatrix 3 now supports both Git and TFS.  The source control experience is extensible, and we’ve worked with several partners to include rich support for Team Foundation Service, CodePlex and GitHub:


The TFS experience is focused on making common source control tasks easy.  It matches up well with Team Foundation Service, our hosted TFS solution that provides free private Git and TFS repositories.

Watch these great videos of Justin giving a tour of the Git and TFS integration in WebMatrix 3

Remote Editing

In WebMatrix 2, we added the ability to open your Web Site directly from the Windows Azure Management Portal.  With WebMatrix 3, we’ve rounded out that experience by providing an amazing developer experience for live remote editing of your sites.   The new My Sites gallery now allows you to open existing web sites on your local machine, or to remotely edit sites that are hosted in Windows Azure:


Watch this video of Thao showing you how to edit your live site on Windows Azure using WebMatrix 3


WebMatrix 3 includes a seamless experience for working with sites in Windows Azure, source control support for working with Git and TFS, and a vastly improved remote editing experience.  These are just a few of the hundreds of improvements throughout the application, including an extension for PHP validation and Typescript support. 

You can easily get started with WebMatrix by downloading it for free, and watching an introduction video about it:


If you're jumping in the web or the cloud, this free tool is a great starting point. If you're already there, then it's STILL a great tool... :)

Friday, September 07, 2012

Web Matrix 2 RTW - Still free and still awesome...

Microsoft Web Matrix 2

"WebMatrix is a free and lightweight web development tool. Create, publish, and maintain your website with ease.

Optimized for Open Source

Install popular web apps with a few clicks, customize them easily with app-specific code completion, and publish them quickly to the web. Learn More

Designed for Top Languages

Create websites using our ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, or HTML5 templates, and take advantage of the latest web standards, emerging standards(CSS3, HTML5), and popular JavaScript libraries such as JQuery.

Built for the Cloud

Deploy your websites to and from Windows Azure Web Sites with a single click, edit them remotely or even download directly from the cloud.


Vishal Joshi's Tangent  - WebMatrix 2 is Released

On June 6th, I announced  RC version of WebMatrix 2.   I highly encourage you to read the post Announcing WebMatrix 2 RC as it covers most of the new features that we are releasing.

I also encourage you to visit which has tons of user documentation.

Since the June RC release we primarily focused on getting polish on the product and as part of this post I am hoping to highlight the key changes since WebMatrix 2 RC.  This post is not intended to be flashy but hopefully will give you an understanding of the effort that the team took in taking WebMatrix 2 from RC to RTM.


The goal for the RTW release was not to add a ton of new features but to actually make only targeted changes to make your experience with the product even more awesome and raise the quality even more.  We had given “Go-Live” license with the RC release already but now hopefully there would be nothing stopping you upgrading from WebMatrix  1 to WebMatrix 2.  JFYI: we will soon turn on the “Upgrade” flag in WebMatrix which will prompt millions of users using WebMatrix 1 to move to WebMatrix 2.

WebMatrix 2 in my opinion is one of the best light weight web development tool out there.  With support for Node.js, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SQL CE, SQL Server, MySQL, FTP, Web Deploy, Less, ScSS, Coffee Script, SEO, iPhone/iPad simulators and many many other features there is no doubt that it is probably the best web editing tool that one could possibly get for FREE, so if you are not already using it I hope you give it a try by downloading it below:

Since WebMatrix 2 RC we fixed over 100 bugs, many of them reported on Stackoverflow and user voice. Thanks for the taking the time to report issues, and helping us make WebMatrix 2 even better.  Below are some notable fixes that went in between WebMatrix 2 RC and RTM:


Nice to see the continued work on Web Matrix. Now to really impress me, they need to start working on v3 now... (oh and change the cadence to a more agile one... [well you can always hope...] :)

Anyway... If you're doing web dev and looking for a great tool that free, this is a must go to tool.


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WebMatrix v2 Beta is out...

Monday, June 11, 2012

WebMatrix 2 RC - HTML, CSS, Node.js, ASP.Net, Coffee, {Less} and so much more and still free...

Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT)'s WebLog - WebMatrix v2 RC is out so it is time to revive this blog

"It has been a long while since I posted here. I've been silent since most of the things I've been working on were not public. NowWebMatrix v2 RC is out I can admit I have been working on most of its editor features: JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, {LESS}, SaSS, Jade, EJS, Classic ASP and so on. I am going to start series of posts on WebMatrix editor functionality, its relation to Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express and so on. WebMatrix v2 employs the same WPF based core editor surface that first appeared in Visual Studio 2010. This allows us to share features between VS, VWD and WebMatrix.


53 Bytes - Node.js meet WebMatrix


After months of hard work by the WebMatrix team, it’s exciting to introduce the release candidate of WebMatrix 2. WebMatrix 2 includes tons of new features, but today I want to give an overview of the work we’ve done to enable building applications with Node.js.

If you want to skip all of this and just get a download link (it’s free!), here you go.


Enter WebMatrix 2

Today, getting started with node.js is a relatively simple task. You install node, npm (which is now bundled with the node installers), and get started with your favorite text editor. There are infinite possibilities, and limitless configurations for managing projects, compiling CoffeeScript & LESS, configuring your production settings, and deploying your apps. WebMatrix 2 sets out to provide another way to build node.js apps: everything you need to build great apps is one place.



Vishal Joshi's Tangent - Announcing WebMatrix 2 RC

WebMatrix is designed to build modern standards based websites as effortlessly as possible. It aims to make your web development workflow easy i.e.

  • It lets you get started with Open Source web applications or with built in pretty templates like bakery, personal site, photo galleries, Chat application, Simple CMS etc.
  • It comes bundled with a web server so you do not have to configure anything on your machine.
  • It has top notch support for web & industry standards like HTML5 , CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery
  • It supports server side scripting of your choice - may it be ASP.NET, PHP or Node.js
  • It will have built in database management tools for SQL Server or MySQL
  • It also has SEO tool & performance optimization tools.
  • Finally, it has great publishing tools whether you are using FTP/FTPS or Web Deploy. And now it supports publishing to Windows Azure too!!

Essentially right from getting started till publishing, WebMatrix will make your life easy and will do so for FREE. What is nice is that even after all this it continues to be lightweight installs under 2 minutes (assuming you have .NET 4 which most machines do today).


Not to get lost in the noise, WebMatrix 2 RC was made available last week. Great to see Microsoft continue to invest in this tool and on it's new features, I have to say, "Wow"...


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Friday, September 16, 2011

WebMatrix v2 Beta is out...

Thread: WebMatrix 2 Beta is now available!

"Welcome to WebMatrix 2 Beta!

Since we released version 1 in January, we've been hard at work incorporating your feedback, and hope you'll love what we've done. If you're itching to download the product, you can do so here now.

We received hundreds of great questions, bug reports and feature requests in response to our first release. Developers like you jumped in to help resolve issues and answer questions, which thousands of others benefited from. Thank you to everyone who has helped make our communities great!

Below are highlights of our favorite features, and links to content so you can read more and learn what’s new and how to use them. As always, your feedback is pivotal to the success of our app, so please discuss the beta here, and suggest new features for us to work on.

Our whole team is excited to put our hard work in your hands and see the great things you can do with it. Happy WebMatrix'ing!

Happy WebMatrix'ing!

Click here to download WebMatrix.

Robert Lucero IIS Testing Blog - WebMatrix 2 Beta–Released!

Today we’re releasing the first public Microsoft WebMatrix 2 Beta! It contains a number of new features and improvements from version 1.

Try it out today!

Here is just a short list of what’s new and improved:

New Features:



WebMatrix 2 Beta


I've not yet used WebMatrix for anything real (or hardly at all) but it's still good to see if get some update love...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

O’Matrix… “OData Helper for WebMatrix” [Beta]

James Senior's Blog - Announcing the OData Helper for WebMatrix Beta

“I’m a big fan of working smarter, not harder.  I hope you are too.  That’s why I’m excited by the helpers in WebMatrix which are designed to make your life easier when creating websites.  There are a range of Helpers available out of the box with WebMatrix – you’ll use these day in, day out when creating websites – things like Data access, membership, WebGrid and more.  Get more information on the built-in helpers here.

It’s also possible to create your own helpers (more on that in a future blog post) to enable other people to use your own services or widgets.  We are are currently working on a community site for people to share and publicize their own helpers – stay tuned for more information on that. 

Today we are releasing the OData Helper for WebMatrix.  Designed to make it easier to use OData services in your WebMatrix website, we are open sourcing it on CodePlex and is available for you to download, use, explore and also contribute to.  You can download it from the CodePlex website.


CodePlex - OData Helper

“The OData Helper for WebMatrix and ASP.NET Web Pages allows you to easily retrieve and update data from any service that exposes its data using the OData Protocol.

Get Started in 60 seconds

  1. Download the OData Helper DLL
  2. In your WebMatrix project, create a folder named "bin" off the root
  3. Copy the OData Helper DLL there
  4. Check out the documentation
  5. Start writing queries!


A couple of my favorite things… OData, example of extending a development environment, and the courage to release source code… :)

BTW, if you haven’t checked it out recently, you should wonder by the OData Primer wiki. This wiki is currently a curated list of resources, links and information about OData (for example, I added the above post to it before writing this… ;) It’s OData for the community by the community.

(via Channel 9 - Announcing the OData Helper for WebMatrix)

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OData Primer – A collaborative effort to gather and share OData information and resources

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A WebMatrix Roundup

I’m going to try something new today. Usually I focus on one blog post and its thread, but today, given all the news about the new WebMatrix beta release, I’m going to do a “roundup” post, aka link curation, etc. But instead of dry links, I though I’d add a visual element to it and provide thumbnails and of the posts. My intent is to give you a quick way to gage the given post’s breadth and give you a feel for what’s there... To help you spend your click-through’s wisely (we only have so many clicks left in our lives and so must spend them well… so something like that… ;)

Here’s a few, of many, WebMatrix posts I came across this morning (in no particular order).


ScottGu's Blog - Introducing WebMatrix

ScottGu The Gu does his usual rock’n post with a nice pictorial WebMatrix introduction and usage walk through.

Little on text, lots on showing your many of its features and capabilities.

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows - Microsoft Introduces Web Matrix

image[3] Paul provides a brief overview of WebMatrix and included technologies

Scott Hanselman's - Microsoft Introduces Web Matrix

Scott Hanselman - Microsoft WebMatrix in Context and Deploying Your First Site Scott walks you through downloading and building your first web site with WebMatrix.

Make sure you scroll down and check out the Related Links section. There’s a ton of links to more information, videos, walk-through’s, tutorials etc

Mikesdotnetting - WebMatrix - A First Application

WebMatrix - A First Application Mike walks us through creating our first WebMatrix based web site, using the new SQL CE database/data binding and the new view engine, Razor.

Bob's Blog - WebMatrix Top Features

image Bob highlights his top 10+1 WebMatrix features

Angle Bracket Percent - How WebMatrix, Razor, ASP.NET Web Pages and MVC fit together

image David provides a nice overview on how all the new pieces, MVC, Razor, ASP.Net all fit together with WebMatrix

BillS IIS Blog - Announcing WebMatrix – a small, simple and seamless stack for Web developers

image A brief “Introducing” post via IIS.Net

Mary Jo’s All About Microsoft - Microsoft takes aim again at Web developers with new WebMatrix tool suite

image Come on, it’s Mary Jo!

Michael Crump - The Forrest Gump guide to the new WebMatrix.

The Forrest Gump guide to the new WebMatrix How can you go wrong with a post title like that! lol

Mike starts even farther back in the “Install” thread, starting from the Web Platform Installer and going forward from there to usage and deployment.