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Thursday, November 13, 2014

MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) Monthly - What's coming this month...

MVA Monthly: November 2014 Preview

Jerry Nixon and Colin Lyth are back and in this installment of our MVA Monthly series they discuss what’s new and upcoming for the month of November.



MVA (as you can see below) has been something I've been watching for a while now. And let me tell you, you are GOING to be seeing much more from them. They have very aggressive growth plans and are working hard on getting more courses, authors and content out to us... All still at the same price as today, free.

One tip, add their recent releases feed to your reader of choice. That, and Jerry and Colin's MVA Monthly series, will help you keep in the MVA loop...


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Microsoft Press Free eBooks now have a home in the Microsoft Virtual Academy
//build/ –> //learn/-> //publish/ -> //your free new training sessions/
11 for 12... 11 Free SQL Server 2012 Microsoft Virtual Academy Classes
Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) provides free Microsoft Cloud Tech training
Congratulations you can become a Microsoft Licensing Expert and earn MS Licensing Accreditation (no lie)
Developing with HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jumpstart from the Microsoft Virtual Academy (free and a free exam voucher too!)
8 x 2 = 16 hours of instructor lead virtual Windows Phone 8 Dev training (That's free too!)
"Office 365 for the IT Pro - Platform" course now available on MVA
Microsoft Virtual Academy - Announcing the Release of the ‘Office 365 for the IT Pro – Platform” course to the
WAMVA - Windows Azure Microsoft Virtual Academy courses... (which are free of course)

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) provides free Microsoft Cloud Tech training

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Look who's talking now? My first primary hosting for This Week on Channel 9, "TWC9: Two Geeks and a Cube"

While up at the MS MVP Summit last week, I had the opportunity to be the primary host for This Week on Channel 9. With me was Gordon Beeming where we geeked out for 20'ish minutes in one of the cooler spaces available, the Microsoft Maker Garage.


I've got to thank Jeremy Foster for suggesting this space, getting us in and to Matthew Pew for his awesome recording and editing. He made us look like pros!

Anyway, here's the show... :)

TWC9: Two Geeks and a Cube



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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Graphically Challenged?" Want to see how even you can create your own game character in Inkscape?

The Sociable Geek - Creating a Character for your Game Using Inkscape

In todays video session we will be showing you the basics of how to Create a Game Character using Inkscape.  If you have never used Inkscape or think you can't draw, then this session is for you.


"...think you can't draw..." He hit that nail RIGHT on the head. :)


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Jon's Five['ish] Tips for catching up with Build (or any other Channel 9 event)

Jon Galloway - 5 Tricks for catching up on the Channel 9 event videos for Build 2014

Okay, you've had a week to digest all the video content from Build 2014? Done yet? Me, neither. Well, how about some tricks to make this easier?

I'd written up a few tips and tricks for catching up on Channel 9 event videos back in 2011, this is an update circa 2014.

Trick 1: Subscribe and watch at high speed in VLC

There are a lot of sessions, and watching even at 10% faster makes a difference. I think you'll be surprised at how, with a little practice, you can keep cranking the speed up and absorb the content at 2x or even faster. Note: Every time I tell people about high speed playback, people assume it's going to make the speakers sound like chipmunks. All of the high speed playback options I'm going to show are pitch corrected, so they don't raise the speakers' voices.

If you don't have VLC installed, I highly recommend it. It's lightweight and has a minimal interface, but is packed with codecs and advanced features when you need them. You can install via Chocolatey (cinst vlc), directly from, or from

Run VLC and pop into Playlist mode. You can do that from the View menu, hit Ctrl+L, or click on the Playlist icon at the bottom to do that.


Trick 2: Use high speed playback in the Channel 9 player

HTML5 video players in all the new browsers support high speed playback. Here's an example showing the Day 1 Keynote on the Channel 9 site; I've right clicked the video to bring up the context menu and I'm about to kick it up to 2x.


Trick 3: Subscribe to the MP3 feed on Windows Phone 8.1

One of my favorite sleeper features in Windows Phone 8.1 is support for high speed playback in the new Podcasts app. For this one, I wanted to add the MP3 URL for just the Build 2014 event:

But that's a bit long to type on the phone, so I made a special short URL:


[GD: There's no 4... doh!]

Trick 5: Downloading videos using a script

In the past, I've published some Powershell scripts for bulk downloading Channel 9 videos. Here' s one, updated for Build 2014. But don't run it just yet, because I think I've found a better options, which I'll show you next.


These will work for just about any Channel 9 Event too.

Another great tip (which we'll call #4 ;) is to use the Channel 9 Queue feature. Once you sign-in with a Channel 9 profile, you can add any Channel 9 video to your private queue. Your queue is also available via a RSS feed, so Jon's tips should work fine for it too. What's nice is that you can reorder your queue, which reorders your RSS feed...

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Heartbleed in eight minutes, what it is, it's impact and more, Khan Academy style

TechCrunch - What Is Heartbleed? The Video

You’ve probably heard about Heartbleed. You’ve probably been told that, as far as security vulnerabilities go on the Internet, it’s pretty damned scary.

But what is Heartbleed? How does it work? Why is it something that you should care about? This Khan Academy-style* video tries to break it all down.

Made by Zulfikar Ramzan, MIT Ph.D. and CTO of cloud security firm Elastica, this video does a great job of explaining the bug at a pretty high level. Its still got a whole lot of acronyms and jargon thrown into the mix (so don’t expect an Explain-Like-I’m-Five explanation here), but it does a good job of explaining the bug’s ins and outs in a way that more people should be able to grasp. [GD: Post leached in full]


Don't know if you've been following this, that the OpenSSL/Heartbeat/Heartbleed apocalypse is upon us, or not, but if you're like me and want a short brief about what the heck is going on, what it is and why it actually is pretty darn scary, this video is a must watch.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15, 2014, Only ] WintellectNOW celebrates 200th Video with 20 free videos, no strings attached!

WintellectNOW Complimentary Training to Celebrate 200th Video Release

...We are celebrating the release of our 200th WintellectNOW video and we are offering complimentary training tomorrow [Wednesday, January 15, 2014] only. We will be making 20 of our most popular videos available for free. No strings attached. Just great content. 


To access the free courses, you can visit and click the "Library" tab.  Free courses will appear at the top of the list and will be labeled "Free" in the "Plan" column.


Again, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15, 2014, only... so block out some time and get your WintellectNOW on...


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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

'What's New in Visual Studio 2013," a four hour tour...

Channel 9 - What's New in Visual Studio 2013

Developers, are you trying to figure out what Visual Studio 2013 has to offer you? Whether you develop for the web, Windows, or Windows Phone, and whether you are using C#, XAML, HTML, or Visual Basic, this course is for you. It focuses on some of the key new features, addressed individually in sessions throughout the day, so that you can tune in to the specific tools that will help you develop more quickly and easily. Start by learning about the integrated development environment (IDE), and then attend sessions including improved IntelliSense, easier debugging, and better tools for application lifecycle management (ALM).


I caught this live last week and it's a great series. Christopher Harrison and Susan Ibach did a great job in providing a good deal about the "new" that's available in VS/TFS 2013. And if you're a shortcut key collector, you have to catch these...

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

200 C# Video Tutorials? 200 VB? JavaScript? PHP? C++? Python? All that and more on 'thenewboston'

thenewboston - Videos & Tutorials




Videos & Tutorials - C#


About thenewboston

How it all began...

My name is Bucky Roberts. I grew up in northern New York until I was 21 and then I moved down to Raleigh, North Carolina, where I live now. I began going to college down here but soon dropped out once I realized it wasn’t for me. Sure, I was interested in computers and web design, but most of the courses I was taking in college were totally unrelated. I dropped out figuring that I would be able to learn more on my own than any college could ever teach me. So I began reading computer books. A lot.

Shortly after reading a few books on web design, I was hooked. I wanted to know everything and anything about it. I was designing websites any chance I could. I spent almost all of my savings buying more books on different programming languages and other nerdy computer gear. I was addicted. The whole concept of computer and programming fascinated me. As I continued to study more and more, I began to realize that most of the books seemed to lack excitement. The material was useful, but they were far from entertaining. I tried to look online for a more interesting source of learning but to no success. That’s when I discovered YouTube.

My Youtube Experience

Sure, I’ve heard of YouTube before. Even watched videos on there sometimes. Most of them were music videos and of crazy cats, but I began to notice that some users were posting videos about computer topics as well. I soon found out that people were able to record their computer screen without a camcorder at all. I later found out that you could do this for free! Lucky for me, having spent all my money, and curious about anything computer related, I decided to give it a try. I tested out my new software by making some tutorials on web design. I created a YouTube account and decided to name it “thenewboston”. Sounded like a cool name at the time, right?


I soon realized that these videos were something more than just another cat video on YouTube. They were a gateway to a higher education, for free. While Universities and Corporations were charging like crazy for people to receive an education, people could come and watch my videos and get the same information for no cost at all. I decided that this is the way it would be. An education should be free for everyone who desires one. It should not be a business. And quickly, that became my goal.

The future of thenewboston

So here I am. 4 years / 178,000 Subscribers / 53 Million views later. I have expanded out of my bedroom to an office in a small town nearby. I have used my personal funds as well as the donations from my website to hire a two additional people to begin making tutorials, as well as purchase better equipment in order to make better quality videos. All of this, yet the costs remains the same for you all, free.


So this is my promise to you all. I will continue to work each and every day of my life until this goal is met. I will never sell out to a bigger corporation and I will never charge a single penny for any of these videos. There are some things that are much more important than money, and I believe that this is one of those things.

So to everyone, welcome to the beginning. The beginning of a new kind of education. Welcome to the beginning of an education revolution.

Welcome, to thenewboston.

This site came across my stream today and at first I wasn't so sure about it. I didn't really get why it was cool. Then I started looking at it a little longer. Slowly, slowly it began to dawn on my that this was actually a pretty awesome resource, all done my one guy and all free...

Then I read the About. NOW I really see the awesome that is this site. Drop by and check it out. I bet you'll find a great resource just waiting for you...

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dave McKinstry's Massive Missive of More VS 2013 Launch Events, ALM Webcasts and some Game On too!

Ponder.NET - More Visual Studio 2013 Launch events and ALM Webcasts

In addition to the Visual Studio Launch Events I wrote about in my previous blog entry, I wanted to pass on the rest of the launch information for the rest of the US.  Here is an announcement from one of our developer tools solutions specialists (Laura Smith) handily crafted with upcoming launch events across the nation and also some of our partner webcasts through the end of the year:

Visual Studio 2013 Launch

Join the festivities on November 13th as we launch Visual Studio 2013. Anyone can participate from virtually any location. Simply log into the portal with a workstation or mobile device and watch the keynote speech live or at a time that’s more convenient for you. You can also hear how customers are already using Visual Studio and get detailed insight into using the product’s features and services by watching technical sessions conducted by the Microsoft development team. And for the first time you can view the launch in multiple languages. The virtual launch will start at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday November 13th.    Click Here for Virtual Launch and Local Launch Events Worldwide

The virtual launch will be followed by local events where we discuss:

  • What’s new in Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013
  • Discuss Real-World Business Scenarios
  • Characteristics and Benefits of Modern Apps
  • Consider Business and Technical Insights





Game on? Game On!


That should be enough to keep you busy for a bit... :)

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

WAMVA - Windows Azure Microsoft Virtual Academy courses... (which are free of course)

Microsoft Sales Excellence Manager - Eric Ligman - Learn Windows Azure with these free Microsoft Virtual Academy courses online

Microsoft offers a large variety of learning resources and training to help you on your journey to learn about technology many of the solutions we have to offer. One of these key technologies is Windows Azure. Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. In this post, I’m going to share with you a collection of free learning resources on Windows Azure available to you through our Microsoft Virtual Academy.


I've highlighted a number of these in the past I think, but it's nice having a single page round-up of the Windows Azure MVA content...

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Lighting the way into the future (of LightSwitch) - "Live from Redmond - Visual Studio LightSwitch Town Hall"

Hosam Kamel's Blog - Live from Redmond - Visual Studio LightSwitch Town Hall Thursday, September 12, 2013 | 8:00AM – 9:30AM (PDT, Redmond Time)

Are you interested in the future of Visual Studio LightSwitch? Come see what we’ve been working on and ask questions in this live public meeting. Joe Binder and the rest of the LightSwitch Team will be here to discuss the LightSwitch roadmap and discuss the product direction. We’ll start with a demonstration of the new features in Visual Studio 2013 and then we’ll open the floor to questions. 

If you have burning questions or topics you'd like to discuss, it would be a great help if you post them to this thread in advance so we can provide more complete answers.  Of course, you're more than welcome to ask live too.


More details and an interesting discussion can be accessed here

I'm still saying that VS2013 is going to be the break-out of LightSwitch, that in a couple years we'll see this VS as the true birth of LightSwitch (Or will be saying, "Man, remember LightSwitch..." :/ )

Anyway, here's a great chance to check out what's coming and to ask the team questions...

Monday, August 19, 2013

North by Northwest [Cadence] - Up coming casts from Northwest Cadence

Northwest Cadence - Upcoming Events and Training Courses

Northwest Cadence hosts regularly-scheduled events designed with our clients and community in mind. Come ready to ask hard questions, gain new knowledge, and be part of the social occasion.

What’s more fun than talking about tough technical topics, showing amazingly cool demos, and sharing insiders tips learned through years in the trenches?


  • Aug. 27. 13 | 9:00AM PT | Webcast | Register | Agile Development using Visual Studio ALM
  • Sep. 3. 13 | 9:00AM PT | Webcast | Register | Deliver Early, Often, and Exceptionally with Visual Studio Premium
  • Sep. 10. 13 | 9:00AM PT | Webcast | Register | Automating your Software Delivery Pipeline
  • Sep. 11. 13 | 9:00AM PT | Webcast | Register | Enterprise Dependency Management with NuGet and Chocolatey
  • Sep. 17. 13 | 9:00AM PT | Webcast | Register | Introducing the New Git Integration with TFS 2012
  • Sep. 18. 13 | 9:00AM PT | Webcast | Register | Continuous Delivery with Team Build and Octopus Deploy
  • Sep. 24. 13 | 9:00AM PT | Webcast | Register | Automating your Software Delivery Pipeline
  • Sep. 25. 13 | 9:00AM PT | Webcast | Register | Enterprise Dependency Management with NuGet and Chocolatey


Bunch of free webcasts from the boys and girls at Northwest Cadence.

What's with the dupe's? That's a feature, not a bug... It's a great chance to interact with the presenters for the given session if you missed the first one.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Want to see Bill Gates speak live (via webcast)? Watch a day Microsoft Research coolness? Check out the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit on July 15th...

IT Manager Connection - Bill Gates, Krysta Svore, Doug Burger, David Pennock--Microsoft Research Faculty Summit to Be Streamed Live July 15

From the ACM Bulletin on this noteworthy event:
”Join us for a broadcast of the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit streamed live from Redmond on Monday, July 15, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PDT (12:00 to 8:30 p.m. EDT). This free online event offers highlights, such as the opening and closing keynotes, streamed on location from the Faculty Summit. Plus, you'll hear from leading scientific and academic researchers who are making social and scientific advances-from prediction engines to quantum computing breakthroughs-with the help of technology.


Watch the Faculty Summit live!

Our program includes these featured speakers.
Bill Gates
Krysta Svore
Doug Burger
David Pennock

Broadcast Live!

Join us for a broadcast of the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit streamed live from Redmond on Monday, July 15, from 09:00 to 17:30 Pacific Daylight Time. This free online event offers highlights,...

Watch it when you want.

You can view Faculty Summit sessions here, at your convenience, after July 15. Please check back and watch these videos plus bonus segments.


Now that's a bunch of interesting topics. Sure it's not going to help me create my LOB's of today, but it sure sounds like some interesting stuff (just imagine the dinner discussions! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do you DZone [Tech Library]?

DZone - Have You Checked out the DZone Tech Library?

"If you haven't had a chance (or didn't know about it), take a stroll over to DZone's tech library.  Our shelves are filled with Refcardz, Whitepapers, Webcasts/Podcasts, and other downloadables related to a range of developer-centric topics.  Here's a taste of what you can find:


DZone - DZone Tech Library



[Disclaimer: I'm a DZone MVP and they highlight some of my posts,,, but even so, I still like them ;]

DZone is one of my favorite resources and there's almost always something for me there, in its many areas, every day. This is a must read feed...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Most TechEd North America 2012 sessions are now available for viewing on-demand...

C9Team - Tech Ed North America and Channel 9 Live sessions are up!

"Tech Ed North America 2012 just took place in Orlando, Florida on June 11-14th and you can view all 427 Tech Ed North America sessions now! They are published on Channel 9 under the events section. We also have all Channel 9 Live sessions up and on demand.

If you missed Tech Ed North America it's not too late to book your trip to Tech Ed Europe 2012 in Amsterdam for June 26-29th. See you all there!


TechEd North America 2012

TechEd is Microsoft's premier technology conference for IT professionals and developers, offering the most comprehensive technical education across Microsoft's current and soon-to-be- released suite of products, solutions, tools, and services. This June we celebrate the 20th annual TechEd North America in Orlando. Experience four days of hands-on training from Microsoft experts



Most of the sessions are available for viewing (Sessions from yesterday/today will likely have their slides/videos/etc online in the next couple days... takes time to edit/encode/transcode these hundreds of sessions) with slides, including a new View Slides online via PowerPoint Web App, video and/or audio.

If you missed TechEd or were conflicted out of going to a session, this is a resource you MUST check out.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Becoming a "Make Web, Not War" Warrior... Free day of cloud, mobile, design and web webinars. Attend one or attend them all....

Go DevMENTAL - You can become a Make Web` Not War Warrior

"March 8th, we have a full day of free webinars just for you. A great opportunity to learn about Web, mobile, design, cloud computing and more…

We know not everybody is interested in all the topics, and it’s not easy to take a full day of training, so you can register for individual presentations. For those of you who want to make the most of the day, we left time between sessions to refill your coffee, catch up on your Facebook, or tweet about the awesome session you just saw!



The boy in me chuckles at the title of the first session... I do find this new, more open Microsoft interesting.

For example [Emphasis added];

12:00 – 12:45pm - Take the red pill and enter the Matrix - Frédéric Harper

Don't fear the Agents anymore. In this presentation, we'll show you how it's easy to build a Website with the right tools. Including a Web server, a database, a SEO reporting tool and much more, WebMatrix, a free IDE, give you anything you need to be as fast as Neo. Coding in PHP or HTML5 has never been so easy. You work with Wordpress, DotNetNuke, Joomla or Umbraco? Don't worries, you'll be up and running with these (and more!) in less than five minutes. If you don't want to control the Matrix, you can always take the blue pill...


4:00 – 4:45pm - Devices, Your App, and the Cloud - Atley Hunter

There are extremely few popular device apps that do not connect to some kind of web-based or cloud service. Today’s apps are connected experiences and derive a great deal of value through the content they consume from services. See, through an end-to-end development experience, how connecting your Windows Phone, iOS, and/or Android device apps to the Cloud opens up a world of interesting possibilities.

Sure you might say Microsoft HAS to open up to more platforms if they are to survive, but as I've said before and we all know, monster corporations rarely seem to do what they "have to..."

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

"In Tune with InTune for Legal Firms" free webcast, February 21, 9:00AM PST

Kurt Shintaku's Blog - WEBCAST: “In Tune with Microsoft Intune” for Legal Firms – February 21, 9:00AM PST

In Tune with Microsoft Intune
Desktop/laptop client management using the cloud.

Join us for this free webinar on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at
12:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Central /
10:00 a.m. Mountain / 9:00 a.m. Pacific.

Come hear about the features and benefits of the Windows Intune service.

Missy Mazur
, the Windows Intune Business Development Manager, is responsible for marketing to the Midwest’s strategic enterprise accounts based in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Missy has successfully implemented process-driven improvements that have positively impacted the bottom line, and she is an expert at driving collaboration between stakeholders to increase market and product awareness. Missy is also a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) with a project management specialization.

Richard Ruiz is an author and Cloud Architect at Microsoft with a focus on building strong cloud, management and Windows partnerships that enable customers to offer flexibility, security and cost savings as part of their desktop strategy. Richard is an industry expert in technologies such as VDI, SCCM, Windows, Windows Azure, Windows Intune and Application Virtualization. Richard’s latest publication is the Sybex book "Mastering Microsoft Virtualization."

You may or may not know but in my day life I work in the legal industry and so when I saw this I thought it interesting. I've heard of InTune but thought it would be interesting hearing about it with the slant...

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Five Online Education Resources (from colleges you may recognize)

amazedsaint's #tech journal - 5 Awesome Learning Resources For Programmers (To help you and your kids to grow the geek neurons)

Happy New Year, this is my first post in 2012. I’ll be sharing few awesome learning resources I’ve bookmarked, and will be pointing out some specific computer/programming related courses I've found interesting from these resources.

Also, thought about saving this blog post for my kids as well - instead of investing in these Child education schemes (though they are too small as of today, 2 years and 60 days respectively). Anyway, personally my new year resolution is to see as much videos from this course collections (assuming I can find some free time in between my regular job && changing my babies diapers).

1 – Khan Academy

2 – MIT Open Courseware and Videos

3 – Stanford Engineering Courses

4 – Stanford Free Online Courses

5 – University of California



If learning something new is your resolution then these five sites might help remove one barrier to entry...


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Stanford Web Application class available online free (and more in their OpenClassroom too)
Free online class, "Introduction to Databases," coming this fall from Stanford University
Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's never cloudy when camping with Azure... Content and Links for Windows Azure Dev Camp Fall 2011 Series

US Cloud Connection - Windows Azure Dev Camp Fall 2011 Series – Content & Links

Thanks to everyone who attended the Fall 2011 Series of Windows Azure Dev Camp events on the US east coast! The US Cloud team enjoyed traveling to Raleigh, Farmington, NYC, Philly, & Chevy Chase to visit folks and deliver this fun tour of cloud computing and Windows Azure concepts. We had a great time helping organize the events and leading attendees through the fun Rock Paper Azure Challenge coding contest.

The content from the event is now available!

Windows Azure Dev Camp – Fall 2011 Series Content

Note: There were slight variances in the content at each location (we’re dynamic people!), but the slides below are a good representation of the information shared at all five events.


Windows Azure Dev Camp Demos

Here are the links to the demos referenced during the event:


Learn Windows Azure

Just as our in-person event series wrapped up, Scott Guthrie, Dave Campbell, and Mark Russinovich hosted a live online training event from the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington. This excellent 8 hour event was captured on video and is available for viewing on demand on Channel 9. If you don’t have that much time, be sure to catch the first hour, featuring a keynote from Scott Guthrie.

Learn Windows Azure Event Recordings on Channel 9

Get Started With Windows Azure NOW!

And finally, it’s time for YOU to get started with Windows Azure yourself!

  1. Get a FREE Windows Azure Account!
  2. Get the tools and SDKs for the language of your choice
  3. Dig into the docs

Good luck, and if you have any questions about Windows Azure or our events, please let us know in the comments or by contacting us via any of our blogs!



I thought this a great round-up of the recent Windows Azure information, resources, links, content and just "I think I'd like to dev for Azure" stuff. :)