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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creating a Windows Sidebar gadget for a SQL Server Reporting Services Report walkthrough

SQL Server Forum Support Team - Walkthrough: Integrating your SQL Server Reporting Services report into Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget

"By default, after installing Window7 operation, there are many powerful and handy little tools in Sidebar Gadget, you can also download some customized Sidebar Gadget, such as: MSDN forum helper. Currently, we have some stock reports to show the real-time status of stock market, we also want to integrate SQL Reporting Services - stock report into window7’s Sidebar Gadget rather than open the IE all the time.

This article will walk you through the processes of integrating SQL Server Reporting Services into Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget.



Been a while since I've done either a SSRS or Sidebar post and since I'm considering using SSRS on a new project.

I can see some use cases/reports where something like this could be a serious "wow factor." Wouldn't use it much, but for mission critical, operational or exception reports I can see this being pretty handy. hum....

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Windows Live Calendar Desktop Gadget

CodePlex - Windows Live Calendar Gadget


Project Description
Windows Live Calendar Gadget will be a calendar desktop gadget primary developed for Windows 7. The purpose will be to display (only) events from public calendars on but it would be capable to read any *.ics file.

  • compatible with iCal format (*.ics files) - tested on Windows Live Calendar and Google Calendar
  • fully skinable - includes the Aero skin which changes its base color according to your actual Aero color
  • multilingual support - currently available English, German, Czech and Slovak translations (in Czech version displays name days)
  • highlighting of long-continuing events

  • MS Windows Vista or MS Windows 7




I was just looking for something like this, and worse case a Windows Live Calendar API to write it myself if it didn't exist (and since there's such API, I was back a square one).

Then I noticed a code check-in for this project in my feeds, "Ah yes! I had forgotten about this!" (lol, talk about good timing!)

Downloaded, installed, Live Calendar ICS's hunted down, gadget configured, and low and behold...


JUST what I wanted! A simple means to easily and quickly monitor my Live Calendar events, without the overhead of Outlook or Windows Live Mail running. Oh yeah, it does reminders too... Plus the source (GNU) is available too.

The hardest part is getting the different web calendar ICS URL's, but if you follow the doc's on the project site, it will walk you through it.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Some samples to get your gadgeting going – Your Windows Sidebar gadget, that is…

Microsoft Downloads - Gadget Samples for Windows Sidebar

“Sample gadgets that demonstrate the functionality of the Windows Sidebar scripting elements.

File Name: GadgetSamples.EXE
Date Published: 9/3/2009
Language: English
Download Size: 605 KB


These gadget samples are intended to demonstrate the functionality of the Windows Sidebar scripting elements. Most of the code snippets found throughout the Sidebar Reference documentation are extracted directly from the gadget code provided here.

Here’s a rundown and brief description of each of the gadget samples:

Hello World
Demonstrates a simple 'Hello World' gadget.

Demonstrates gadget flyout functionality.

Demonstrates gadget settings functionality.

Demonstrates the gadget docking functionality.

Demonstrates gadget debugging functionality.

Text and Graphics
Demonstrates the g:background, g:image, g:text elements and the gimage protocol of the Windows Vista Sidebar.


Samples are good, I like samples. With the success that Windows 7 will be, maybe Sidebar Gadgets will have a resurgence…

It’s a shame there are not some new, cool ones in the Win7 box. Is the fact that there are not an indicator that there’s no long term (post-Win7) gadget viability? Or just that Microsoft was focused on the guts more than the glitz in Win7?

If we see some “Gadget Packs” from Microsoft next year, that could answer the question (for if there’s no gadget love in 2010/2011 then I’d bet against Gadgets in Win8… but that’s just my WAG  ;)


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Vista Sidebar Gadgets for Developers

Vista Windows Search Indexer Sidebar Gadget – Do you know what your Indexer is doing?
Free SQL Server Monitor Gadget for your Vista Sidebar
Speedfan Vista Sidebar Gadget - Speedfan Meter

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Creating Vista Sidebar Gadgets in Visual Studio (C#) – The Getting Started Guide

CodeProject - Create a Vista Gadget using Visual Studio IDE


An absence of any tools in Visual Studio that can help for developers to create Vista Gadget is strange and disapointed surprise from guys from Microsoft, by my opinion. May be its a temporary situation, but for now, I want to show you some tools that can help develop Vista gadget using Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008. This tools include Visual Studio template for begin creating Vista Gadget and Visual Studio Add-In for creating .gadget file from project and run gadget installation.


For now if we want to create Vista gadget we should follow next process:
1. Create all needed folder and important files in some folder.
2. Create zip archive from all folders and files that should be included in the gadget.
3. Change .zip to .gadget extension for archived file.
4. Run this file using double click for starting process of gadget installation.
All this process required if we want to share your gadget with some people.
We haven't now any tools that can help us for develop Vista Gadget using Visual Studio. In this article I suggest you use Visual Studio template for point 1 and automate points 2-4 using Visual Studio Add-In. Both Visual Studio template and Visual Studio Add-In I prepared for you and try further to explain how to use their.


This article seems like a nice getting started guide to get going writing a Vista Sidebar gadget with Visual Studio

Monday, June 30, 2008

Vista Windows Search Indexer Sidebar Gadget – Do you know what your Indexer is doing?

BrandonTools - Monitor and control the Windows Search indexer from this handy gadget!

“… Features:

  • Monitor the current state of the indexer
  • See how many items need to be processed
  • View the total count of indexed items
  • Stop and start the indexing service
  • Open the Indexing Options control panel
  • View the installed Windows Search version number
  • Multiple backgrounds / color combinations

Additional features with Windows Search 4.0:

  • Enable "Index Now" functionality.  This disables the "Back Off" functionality of the indexer for faster indexing.


I recently upgraded a Vista box to Windows Search 4.0 (Windows Search 4.0 Released – Faster, better and happier enterprise player…) and was looking for some “search” info, like status, remaining items, version, etc, etc, and couldn’t seem to find it.

Having this gadget then would of made my life a little easier…

(via Neno Loje's Treasury - Vista Sidebar Gadget to monitor and control the Windows Search indexer)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Free SQL Server Monitor Gadget for your Vista Sidebar

SSIS Junkie - Announcing SQL Server Monitor Gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar

"It gives me great pleasure to announce that as of today, Conchango are making available version 1 of our SQL Server Monitor Gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar.

The gadget does exactly what it says on the tin; it monitors a specified SQL Server database for various metrics and displays them on the Windows Vista Sidebar. It is provided for use by SQL Server DBAs that require a nice'n'easy way of monitoring important metrics on their SQL Server installations. ..."

Time to put your Vista sidebar to work...

This looks like a very quick and easy way to monitor a SQL Server database. Something that might some in handy if you have a problem DB that needs size monitoring.

As an interesting side note, the download is being hosted on Microsoft's beta LiveDrive (aka SkyDrive),

(via SQL Server Code - SQL Server Monitor Gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Speedfan Vista Sidebar Gadget - Speedfan Meter

Beta Network/Hobby Lounge - Speedfan Meter v1.5 New! - Downloads

Speedfan Meter is nice looking Vista Sidebar gadget that shows you all the cool information that the SpeedFan utility (available separately here) gathers about your system.

I'm a long time fan of Speedfan so this is in a cool find...

sigh... The sad part is that my old notebook (currently my only home Vista install) doesn't have a sensor chip supported by Speedfan. :(

Still this will be useful when I finally upgrade some of my other systems.

(via The Electric Wand - Finally, a sidebar gadget worth having)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

VS 2005 Vista Sidebar Gadget Template

Method ~ of ~ failed - vista dev: updated sidebar gadget templates

"i did a quick refresh on my windows vista sidebar gadget templates for visual studio.  it is a simple refresh that accomplishes the following:

  • puts both the VB and C# web project templates in the same visual studio content installer
  • moves the structure around to demonstrate how to use locale folders within gadgets (see image below)

i get questions on the first one (VB/C# templates) a lot.  really there is no difference between the templates, the only reason i created two is so that when you choose "new web site" it will show up under both language options.  that's it.  gadget development itself is mostly html/javascript (unless you are using something like script#), so the templates are there for convenience only.


A cool Visual Studio 2005 Project template to help you develop your Vista Sidebar Gadgets...

Included are stubs for docked/undocked appearance, gadget settings, flyout, etc.

Note: To use the template, you need to "Create" a new Web Site.

(via Steve Clements - Vista Sidebar Gadget VS template)

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Developing a Weather Vista Sidebar Gadget (C#)

Code Project - A Vista sidebar gadget to provide weather information

"I’ve been a developer for over 10 years and recently entered the world of widgets/gadgets thanks to my employer, My first real widget was for the Google home page. I also released a toolbar for Internet Explorer that provides a current weather forecast. My attention then turned to developing a gadget for Vista that provided similar information. The data comes directly from via an XML feed that has been customized for the Vista gadgets being developed for

This article will detail exactly how I built the Vista AccuWeather forecast gadget, the obstacles I overcame, and how I used the functionality provided by the Vista Sidebar api.


This is a cool and well written article on writing a Windows Sidebar gadget that does all the things we'll be looking for in gadgets, flyouts, docking, web feed consuming, etc...

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Windows Sidebar Gadget Development Tutorial

OdeToCode - Developing Gadgets for the Windows Sidebar

"In this article we will develop a new gadget for the Windows Vista Sidebar. The gadget pulls images from to display on the desktop.


In this article, we'll take a look at developing gadgets for Windows Vista using DHTML, JavaScript, and CSS. We'll introduce the object model, and security aspects of gadget development. By the end of the article we'll have built a real gadget. You can download the code / gadget from OdeToCode


This is a cool and complete article on creating a Sidebar gadget for Vista.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vista Sidebar Gadgets - Beyond the toy zone...

Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability - Outlook Gadgets Now Available

"I’m happy to announce that tonight the first two official Office gadgets went live on!  If you’re running Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 then I encourage you to go out and download the gadgets and get the experience of the Outlook To Do bar from the Windows SideBar. ..."

It's gadgets like this that will realize the value of the Vista Sidebar.

The ones that come with Vista are pretty much toys. They are cool but, IMHO, soon they are just taking up CPU cycles. For me, the gadgets that sell the Sidebar are those that are like "System Tray++" utilities. Utilities that provide quick information with more detail than can be shown in a system tray icon.

Those mentioned above are examples of what I mean.

Personally though I like the Outlook Info Gadget, which I've been using for a bit. One easily configurable gadget with all the related info. Another category I like are the system monitoring/ping/harddrive space gadgets.

And once Vista starts deploying at work, I'm thinking about writing some gadgets for business process monitoring, status tracking, reporting, etc. Gadgets that will let people see at a glance the status of work stuff they are interested in. To see a quick list of tickets/alerts/things...

I'm also thinking of TFS gadgets. A simple and easy way to monitor TFS projects for new work items, etc.

In the end, I feel that it's gadgets that provide active, live information that will truly sell my business users on the Sidebar...

(via Robert McLaws: Windows Vista Edition - Microsoft Posts First Official Outlook Gadgets)