Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scrum Resources

Since we’ve jumped on the Scrum bandwagon, I’ve been capturing Scrum related resources as I came across them and sharing them with my management peers and team. Well today I felt it was time I also share them with you… (Paying it forward and all that)

As I come across more I’ll try to update this post (as well as link to it off my main page so it’s easy to find in the future ;)

I hope these resources help you as much as they have helped me and my team…


Magazine Articles

Other Documents

Blog Posts



Presentation Materials


Scrum for Team System
Scrum For Team System Quickboard (A personal project)
Light Weight Scrum (Team System)
eScrum for Team System

My Scrum Stories & Posts (that are not already in the above lists)


PS. As I have been gathering these resources for a bit, if I missed a “(via”, reference, link back, shout-out, etc, please accept my apologies (and let me know so I can fix it… :)

Update 7/31/2008:
The Scrum Primer (via comment by Abby Fichtner, The Hacker Chick Blog)
Scrum Team Anti-patterns – How to piss off your ScrumMaster
Devcasting #14 - How to Make Scrum Really Work

Update 8/11/2008:
eScrum TFS Template v1.1 Released

Update 8/15/2008:
Mix a little WPF, with some Scrum and dash of TFS and you get... Task Board for Scrum for Team System Beta 2 Released

Update 10/15/2008:
Scrum for Team System 2.2 Released – More Reports, bug fixes, SQL Server 2008 and new Report Slide Show feature

Update 4/17/2009:
Free (reg-ware) ebook - “Scrum and XP from the Trenches” (via John Hines' Code Blog - Getting Started with Scrum)

Update 4/21/2009:
Scrum Quick Reference Card from DZone/Refcardz (via DZoneRefcardzScrum Reference Card)

Update 4/25/2009:
First/Alpha release of my Scrum for Team System Quickboard Project (Think “10 foot SfTS Dashboard”)

Update 5/9/2009:
Scrum Master Checklist – Four pages toward helping a Scrum Master succeed (via Michael James - An example checklist for ScrumMasters)

Update 7/27/2009:Added:
What is Scrum? A funny 2:47 minute video of a Daily Scrum.

Update 5/17/2010:
Scrum for Team System version 3 (TFS 2010), aka (SfTS v3) RTM released

Update 5/19/2010:
“Getting Started With Scrum for Team System Version 3 (TFS 2010)” – aka The “Okay I’ve got it installed, now what?” Guide

Update 6/28/2010:
Which TFS2010 “Agile” Project Template one is right for you? One side-by-side of MS Agile v5, MS Scrum v1[Beta] and Scrum For TFS(SfTS) v3

Update 9/22/2011:
Scrum from Team System v3 (SfTS) goes OSS

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abby said...

Great list. Thanks for the shout out. And, BTW, here's another resource I just found the other day for a friend that wanted to learn more about Scrum:

Scrum Alliance: The Scrum Primer

BTW, I've been missing your scrum project updates. How is it going?
The Hacker Chick Blog