Sunday, January 25, 2009

LINQPad and the Entity Framework

Living in the Tech Avalanche Generation - LinqPad for the Entity Framework.

“I recently purchased the auto completion addon which is a neat tool for LinqPad. Its pretty cheap and certainly aided in my using LINQ Pad as a scratch pad ala Query Analyzer. For example when dealing with my own Repository and Specification libraries for Entity Framework, I can write and fine tune using scratch pad code along with my libraries directly in LINQ Pad. The benefit is I can verify my queries without any debugging in VS.Net. To use my own libraries that contain the Entity Framework code I can reference those libraries as per below:


I absolutely love the fact that I have a tactile query analyzer(ish) IDE to test my Entity Framework queries prior to writing them in VS.Net and further to that I don’t miss out on using my custom libraries that contain classes such as the Specification<T> or  EntitiesRepository<E, C> as demonstrated below.

If your a LinqPad user you might want to consider buying the LINQPAD auto completion add-on which I get great value out of. I would however love Joseph to make LINQPAD more Entity Framework friendly and provide us the SQL output created by the Entity Framework Provider as it does for LINQ To SQL.

Thanks to Stefan for demonstrating how to use LINQPAD with the Entity Framework in the first instance. Give it a try.”

SCIP.BE - .NET - ADO.NET Entity Framework & LINQ to Entities - deel 2LINQPad


In previous articles I already stated that I really like the free LINQPad tool from Joseph Albahari.

LINQPad is a fantastic LINQ expressions testing tool. Originally it was designed to execute LINQ to Objects and LINQ to SQL queries, but it can also be used to execute LINQ to Entities queries.

Just perform the following steps :


The Entity Framework is on my list of things I need to learn more about. Being able to play with it in LINQPad is officially cool… ;)

(via Shawn Wildermuth - Using LinqPad and Entity Framework Models)


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Terry Aney said...

Came across you blog from a previous DotNetKicks ref. Definately a great blog to follow!

Anyway, saw this post, so I thought I'd point you towards some helpers I've created for LINQ to SQL. In reality most of them were created for LINQPad. There may be some helpful ones for you in there (three articles in total, feel free to moderate this comment if you want).

Greg said...

Nice, I love the title on your "I've Left Query Analyzer Hell For LINQPad Heaven" post. I'm so re-blogging that. ;)

Thanks for the link(s) and the comment. :)