Monday, August 28, 2006

Folder Marker - Folder Icon Explorer Extension - Two Click Folder Icon Changing


"How many folders do you have on your computer? Scores of them? Hundreds? Thousands? Are all of them are alike: yellow folder, yellow folder, yellow folder, yellow folder... It's so easy to be confused with such a routine!

Folder Marker is your small assistant, an ardent fighter for your convenience and comfort in any kind of computer work. Use Folder Marker to mark your folders. One mouse-click and it becomes clear at once, which documents have a high priority, and which of them have normal or low priority. Which operations are finished completely, which are half-done and which haven't started yet.


And what's more - Folder Marker is FREE!"

I like using custom Explorer folder icons to highlight specific types of folders (folder's with checkmarks are source code trees, etc).

But I've been doing it manually, editing the desktop.ini. Yeah, I know, lame-o  ;)

Then today I saw FolderMarker... Not only does it look easy to use, but it's free too.

Downloaded and installed. Let the folder icon'ing commence! 

(via Brenton House - Folder Marker )

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