Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What do I do?

What do I do? I work at KPMG, in the Cypress Technology Center (CTEC) office.

I'm the Development Manager/Primary Developer for our EDD service line. Taking "electronic data" (files, emails in PST/NSF's,etc) gathering metadata, deduping, converting to PDF/Tiff/JPG and exporting for loading into litigation support systems.

That's been my baby for four years now. It's great resume-ware to say I've designed and built and improved (ie. the whole life cycle management) a system that has generated ten's of millions of pages (we've had 30 day periods where we've processed and generated 10+ million images), processed hundreds of gig's of data, millions of emails, etc, etc...

I can't state any client names, but you seen many of them in the news... ;)

Since we're a "service broker" we can be very responsive to client needs. From day one all of our features have been client demand driven. Which makes for a great set of features. This also makes my life a living hell (err... um... I mean very exciting and challenging... yeah, that). Sigh... I guess that's why they call it "work".

Well back to it.


Greg said...

Still is my baby....

We continue to improve it, while responding to new technology, litigation requirements and the changing & maturing EDD marketplace.

Our current record is now over 25+ million pages generated in a month. :)

hajan said...

Very impressive numbers!

Unknown said...

Hey Greg! Just stumbled across your blog when looking for the Enron data sets! I've worked in the EDD services field too :) Keep up the blogging :)