Saturday, September 30, 2006

WLW Paste As 1.0 Plugin Preview

Here's a preview of my new Paste As Plugin for Windows Live Writer. It's all ready to be released, all I need is an "okay" from work (due to IP contracts, etc).

This is really a simple plugin that makes it easier to copy formatted HTML and paste it into a WLW post as plain text. Another cool benefit is that it makes it easier to paste raw HTML snips into a WLW post.

Say you have copied an raw HTML snip. Now you paste it into WLW (while in Normal mode). What do you get? A bunch of text that looks like HTML. Like this; <a href=" blogger/ 5930/ 214/ 1600/ WLWPasteAs.1.0.a.png"><img style="cursor: hand" alt="" Src=" 5930/ 214/ 320/ WLWPasteAs.1.0.a.png" border="0">

When what you really wanted was this;  

The Paste As Plugin makes pasting raw HTML easier and simpler. Copy the HTML to the clipboard, click on "Insert Paste As", click Ok. That's it, two clicks and the HTML is inserted into your post as formatted HTML (i.e. you get the image/bitmap/picture and not the HTML tags...)


Here are some preview screenshots;


If there's text data in the clipboard the plugin will be prepopulated...

There are currently three Paste As options. Normal, Block Quote and Preformatted. Why? I thought having those options might be cool and useful.. :)

You can easily see a preview of the Paste As...


And here's an example post with all three Paste As options used

Here's a pasting raw HTML example. Let's say you're a Blogger user and want to upload/post screenshots. You use the Blogger Create post and upload your pictures. Now you copy the URL's to the clipboard

Then you click on "Insert Paste As". As you can see, it's already populated with the HTML.

And lastly you click on the Ok button. Now the images you just posted on Blogger are in your new WLW post.


Idea's for the Future:

  • Add a "one click paste as" option.
    • This is an option that skips the dialog and just pastes in the contents of the clipboard as plain text. This plugin is already simple, basically just two clicks, but with this option it cuts that in half...

In any case, I'll post an update when I get the clearance to release this as OSS. Now I just need to decide where to post it... A new CodePlex project? The WLWPlugins CodePlex Project? GotDotNet? So many choices...

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