Friday, February 02, 2007

ODF Translator (ODF for Word Addin) 1.0 Released

Craig Kitterman's Interoperability Community Blog - Open XML translator downloads hit 10,000 in 6 hours!

"Today version 1.0 of the translator between ODF and Open XML has been made available on Source Forge and has already been downloaded over 10,000 times! The Microsoft press release can be found here.

This release represents a ton of work, all done in the open source community and rigorous testing against real world documents and scenarios. The result will be flexibility and choice for Microsoft Office customers, allowing them to leverage the XML file format that most suits their needs. This is a Source Forge project so it will presumably continue to evolve and improve over time.


Now you can Open and Save as ODF in Word 2007, 2003 & XP.

BTW, in taking a quick glance at the easily downloaded source code, it looks like most was done in C#...

It installed and seems to work just fine for me (Word 2007).

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