Saturday, October 27, 2007

Using the TaskList command line utility to see what processes are using a DLL (and what process is hosting what Service)

Jigar Mehta's Blog - How to find out what all processes have loaded particular DLL..

"I was searching for a way to find all the processes running right now, who has loaded particular DLL.. And found a really good command that shows really useful output..

tasklist /m wbemsvc.dll

You dont have to install anything on your windows, just go to command prompt and fire command.
PS: Replace wbemsvc.dll with DLL in question.


This is one of those tasks that I don't do often enough to remember how to do it when I need it...

Also the "tasklist /svc" tip will come in handy too. I had "svchost.exe" eating up CPU cycles the other day and wanted to see what service(s) was being hosted in that process. "Tasklist /svc" would have fit the bill nicely...

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