Friday, February 15, 2008

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tools Released (Think VS2008 + Bunch o' New Features)

Microsoft Downloads - Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tools

"This release updates the Power Tools for the Database Edition to work with Visual Studio 2008 and provides several new features. The new features include two custom unit test conditions, a new Data Generation Wizard, and new MSBuild tasks to support running TSQL Static Code Analysis from the command line. The updated features include 5 refactoring types, a dependency viewer, additional data generators and editors, 2 MSBuild tasks for Schema and Data Compare and the TSQL Static Code Analysis feature

New Test Conditions for Database Unit Tests
• ChecksumCondition – You can use this test condition to verify that the checksum of the data set returned by a database unit test matches the checksum of an expected data set.
• ExpectedSchemaTestCondition – You can use this test condition to verify that the column names and data types of the returned data set match expected values.

Data Generator Improvements
• New Data Generator Wizard – This new wizard creates a data generation plan that is configured to copy data from a source database. You can use this wizard when you need to copy most of your data from a live source, but need to make small changes to ensure privacy.

MSBuild Task Improvements
• SqlAnalysis Task – You can use this build task to run T-SQL Static Code Analysis from MSBuild.
TSQL Static Code Analysis
• Static Code Analysis - A precursor to the functionality that will be in future versions of VSTS that will allow you to perform Static Code Analysis on T-SQL code.

• “Move Schema” Refactoring - Allows a user to right click on an object and move it to a different but existing schema
• SP Rename Generation - Generate a new script that will contain sp_renames for all rename refactored objects that the user can then execute.
• Wildcard Expansion - Automatically expand the wildcard in a select to the appropriate columns.
• Fully-Qualified Name Support - Automatically inject fully-qualified names when absent in a script
• Refactoring extended to Dataset - Refactor into strongly typed dataset definitions

MSBuild Tasks
• Data / Schema Compare Build Tasks - MSBuild tasks that can generate scripts as if the user had run the Data / Schema compare UI

Schema View
• API Access to Schema View - Insert / Update / Delete to schema View and list schema objects and their associated files

Dependency Tool Window
• Dependency Tree - Show the dependencies ( incoming / outgoing ) for selected schema objects in a new tool window

Miscellaneous Tools
• Script Preprocessor - Expand SQLCMD variables and include files and command line version (sqlspp.exe) & an MSBuild version

..." [Description leached in full]

Please note the requirements, that you must have the Vs2008 DB Pro or Team Suite edition installed before installing this...

This is a feature/edition/thing that I really want to start playing with (as I've been saying since "Data Dude" came out... sigh...) Still it's matured nicely and during that time I'm getting closer to a project revamp/rewrite/re-do/thing where fitting in DB Pro will make good sense.


neongreen said...

Hi Greg!
I just read your post and I got intrigued with the Data Generator Improvements I could use something like that for my everyday work...cause I am working on some stuff that require copying a lot of data and pretty frequently...but just thought I'd ask you if you have tried it out yourself..cause I would hate to install it and see that it's useful and good only in theory!

Greg said...

Hate to say it, but I've not yet had a chance to play with that myself... But I hear a lot of good things in the podcasts I listen too, and the stuff I read, about it.