Wednesday, March 26, 2008 - The "Level 500" SQL Server Resource

I heard about the SQLCAT site yesterday on the recent TechNet Radio cast, A look inside SQLCAT (Customer Advisory Team), and thought it sounded pretty cool (and since it's not "officially" announced yet, it's kind of, sort of, a scoop.  ;) was described as a "Level 500" resource, a site for highly technical and detailed SQL Server content. As a way for the SQL Customer Advisory Team to share the knowledge they gain with clients and ISV's as they push SQL Server to its limits (and beyond).

Here's the current Recently Posted list;

The site also hosts "Deep level technical whitepapers on specific SQL Server best practices" in the Whitepapers section.

The current top three are;


And of course, there's a full post web feed to help you keep up with new stuff as it's added.

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