Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Visual Linq Query Builder (VLinq) - A Visual Studio Add-in to help build LINQ to SQL Queries (Think "Access Query Builder for Linq to SQL")

MSDN Code Gallery - Visual LINQ Query Builder

"Visual LINQ Query Builder is an add-in to Visual Studio 2008 Designer that helps you visually build LINQ to SQL queries. Functionally it provides the same experience as, for instance the Microsoft Access Query Builder, but in the LINQ domain. The entire UI of this add-in uses Windows Presentation Foundation. The goal of this tool is to help users become more familiar with the LINQ syntax.

It's also a project that could help you to see how to create your own Visual Studio 2008 add-in using Windows Presentation Foundation.


You will need to have Visual Studio 2008 installed. You can use the Visual LINQ Query Builder in any kind of project that supports LINQ to SQL.

Visual LINQ Query Builder is only supported with C# and VB.Net projects.

Quick Reference Guide
A Quick Reference Guide and a video showing how to start Visual LINQ Query Builder are available for download from the 'Releases' tab.


Mitsu's blog - Visual Linq query builder for Linq to Sql: VLinq

"Hi all,

After almost one year of work and organization, I am very happy to share this project with you:

The Visual Linq query builder is a Visual Studio 2008 addin. It's a designer that helps you create Linq to Sql queries in your application...



The project goal

Linq to Sql and Linq more generally speaking, is a new technology mainly based on language evolutions. As any new syntax, you have to take some time to get familiar with it.

The VLinq project as any designer helps you to build graphically Linq to Sql queries but we wanted to keep it visually very close from the code. The goal is not to hide the generated code but to make it visible in the designer. It's a kind of mix between a classical designer and a graphical intellisense.

VLinq also helps you grouping all queries at the same place allowing easy management (edit, add, remove) and previewing and testing.

Last goal: releasing the whole solution, including source code to share with you our experience about using WPF with VS2008 extensibility.

What do we release ?

The whole project has been developed using Visual Studio 2008 (betas then RTM) and Expression Blend. We provide the whole solution (binaries + source code). The solution contains a Setup project for a quick installation (msi file).


Lot's of coolness here... Linq, WPF, VS Extensibility, documentation, source and more.

(BTW, I think the source is supposed to be available, but I'm not seeing it after my install... I'll update this post once I know more)

(via No1 Microsoft Fan - Visual LINQ Query Builder)


Anonymous said...

vLinq is really Great Tool. By using this tool easily create linq query.

I came to know about this tool from
the blog

In this blog one more LINQ Query Builder Tool is mentioned that is LinqPad.

But I use vLinq. Good thing about this that It add-in the VS and query generate can be reused.

Really Great Tool

Sunil said...

Hi, I am very new to this tool. I could create queries with select and where clause however I am not able to create queries which includes Group By and Having Clause.

Could you please tell me the way in which create queries with Group By and Having Clause using vLinq