Wednesday, May 14, 2008

geekSpeak TeamBuild 2008 - 57 minute geek chat (i.e. more demo's, less slides) about TeamBuild 2008, Testing, WiX and more (Level 100)

Channel 9 Forums » Screencasts - geekSpeak recording: All About Team Build 2008 with Steven Borg

"In this episode of geekSpeak, Steven Borg shares the merits of using Team Build 2008 to radically improve the quality of the code you write. Steven gives a great overview of how to set up automated builds and a build server, and the benefits of investing the time to do it right.


Nonetheless, things like work items, build reports, logs and changesets available with Team Foundation Server can help developers zero in on bugs that "break the build". Breaking the build is bad, and we have a good chuckle about some of the stiff "penalties" that various development teams (even some within Microsoft) come up with for that infraction.

Also in this geekSpeak, get the scoop on what's on the horizon for setup and deployment projects, and hear about a great tool called WIX which makes building projects into MSI files super easy. Steven goes so far as to say that WIX actually changed the way he works, listen to him explain why.


Higher level intro to TeamBuild 2008. If you're new to TeamBuild this cast is a nice intro to it, Continuous Integration (CI), find who "broke the build", including Unit Tests in the build, etc, etc. If you've been using TeamBuild for a bit, you may want to skip ahead to the WiX (MSI) stuff (48:05).

(via James Manning's blog - screencast on using Team Build 2008)

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