Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Scrum Day -2 - The Decision is Made

Well we’ve done it. We’ve made the call. The decision is in… We’re going to Scrum!

We’re moving from an ad-hoc management style, where every product team did their own thing, to a common process and set of management procedures. We’re Scrum’ing baby!

Well okay, we’re going to be “Scrum’ish” (I’m not “standing” at our Daily Scrum’s, some roles may be shared, Sprints may not be exactly 30 days, etc). But as a whole, we are going to give Scrum the old college try.

We’ve decided on a six month trial by four (all) product teams and we’ll using the Scrum for Team System TFS Project Template to help keep us on track (which means I have to migrate my team and team projects from our MSF Agile projects… but that will be for another post).

So how much do I know about Scrum and managing Scrum based projects?

Um… yeah… err… um… Not much.

I’ve gone over my past Scrum posts, listened to some Scrum related podcasts and done a little online reading. So yeah, not so much. Considering I want to starting planing a Sprint on Monday morning I had better INSERT INTO Greg.Brain SELECT * FROM World.Scrum

To start with, to get the Zen of it, I picked up a couple books today which I’ll likely be reading this weekend (instead of coding up some new WLW SDK 1.1 plugins… stupid work! :p )

The Enterprise and Scrum
by Ken Schwaber

Read more about this book...

Agile Project Management with Scrum (Microsoft Professional)
by Ken Schwaber

Read more about this book...

[BTW, books inserted via the Amazon Book Lookup Plugin]

Tomorrow I’ll get my “production” TFS Scrum Team Projects and will start working up my Areas and Integrations. Maybe I’ll also do some migrations too (which are not only moving from template to template, but server to server too).

More to come… (I hope)

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