Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Scrum for Team System (SfTS) Work Item Migration Utility Released (SfTS 1.x/2.x to SfTS 2.1)

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Scrum for Team System – Work Item Migration Utility

During the creation of the Scrum for Team System (SfTS) version 2 template, the development team created several utility programs to help test and work with the new template. One of these utilities is the “Work Item Migration Utility”.

Work Item Migration

By default, the team foundation server does not provide the ability to migrate work item data from one project to another. Work item data can be exported by opening queries in Excel, saving and then publishing to an alternative target project. This is a time consuming process that doesn’t maintain the linkage between work items and attachments and does not include all the work item history. The excel solution is less than ideal.

Enter the “Work Item Migration Utility”. This utility enables you to export work item data from SfTS v1.x and SfTS v2.x projects into an xml formatted save files and then import them into another SfTS v2.1 project. This process not only maintains the work item linkage, but also includes all the work item historical data. Global lists (Teams and Environments) are included in the exported data and in addition, you can also export / import the contents of the team project portal.


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