Friday, June 20, 2008

SlickEdit Tools 2.0.2 Released

SlickEdit - SlickEdit® Tools for Microsoft® Visual Studio®

SlickEdit Tools 2.0.2  is now available for immediate download. Version 2.0.2 contains bug fixes and enhancements to the release of SlickEdit Tools 2.0.1

Enhancements in SlickEdit Tools v2.0.2

  • Performance optimizations for TFS projects.
  • SVN provider updated to directly use the SVN libraries.
  • Made all source control providers hot-fixable.
  • Source control system options are now saved per solution.
  • Improved the Versioning Toolbox workflow for setting up source control systems per solution.
  • Fixed editor rendering for extensionless files.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of code annotations when they are moved between files.
  • Improved synchronization of code annotations with SlickEdit.


[FULL Disclosure: The team at SlickEdit has given me a NFR license for both Toolboxes]. There’s a free trial download if you want to check them out before you buy…

A dot release doesn’t sound like much, but this is in fact a pretty cool sounding release. The Version Toolbox was new in the last release and the SlickEdit team has been very active in gathering feedback as to how it works in the wild. This dot release is a result of much of that feedback (I think my suggestions, at least in part, resulted in “Source control system options are now saved per solution.”…  ;)

I’ve just downloaded them, installed and will be checking them out. Once I’ve played with them a little, I’ll let you know now it goes. I’ll be focusing on the Version Toolbox as that I think is the most impacted (for me at least) in this release. (So far it’s rock’n! )


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