Wednesday, August 06, 2008

VS2008/.Net 3.5 SP1 still coming “Real Soon Now” (Update: “Service Pack 1 which will be available … after August 11, 2008.”) dev guy - EF v1 (delivered by VS 2008/.net 3.5 SP1) is... almost... here. (And the .Net Rocks podcast announcing it is already here.)

“I suspect some of you are quite anxious for EF v1 to finally RTM.  I wish I could announce that it is out now.  Believe me, I really wish I could make that announcement.  ;-)  Sadly near the last minute there was a slight delay, and it just hasn't quite hit the web yet.  Soon.  Very soon. [GD: Emphasis added]


sigh… My F5 key is wearing out I’m hitting it sooooo often waiting for the announcement… ;)

Update #1
From MSDN Subscriptions;

"SQL Server 2008 RTM Available for Download

English downloads are available now and additional languages will be added on a daily basis. Visual Studio 2008 users will need to download and install Service Pack 1 which will be available here after August 11, 2008." [GD: Emphasis added]

So looks like Monday/Tuesday'ish for VS2008 SP1! So I can give my F5 a rest for a bit… ;)


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Patrick Smacchia said...

Greg, here is a complete list of .NET Fx 3.5 SP1 changes compare to .NET Fx 3.5.

1.393 new public methods,
79 new public types,
6.384 methods where code was changed

Greg said...

Nice... Thanks!