Friday, October 31, 2008

PDC 2008 Quick Video Link List updated with link verification

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve updated my quick and dirty PDC 2008 video link list (PDC2008 Quick Video Link List (Updated: Now with link verification) ) to only link to resources that actually exist, that the list creator now checks to make sure there’s a page/resource/no 404 when building a given link.

The “does this page/url exist” feature was based on the code from Dor Rotman`s Blog - How to check if a file exists over HTTP. Using the request.Method = “HEAD” makes it fairly efficient and should not overly slam the web server since we’re not getting the actual page/file, just the HEADER for the page/file (at least that’s how I understand it to work)

I’ll re-gen the list and update the post a couple times next week to pick up any newly available resources…


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PDC2008 Quick Video Link List (Updated: Now with link verification)

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