Saturday, December 20, 2008

Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance v2 Released

CodePlex - TFS Branching Guide 2.0

“Welcome to the Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance Community Site! The purpose of this project is to build some insightful and practical guidance around branching and merging with Team Foundation Server. It's a collaborative effort by VSTS Rangers in cooperation with VSTS MVPs, Microsoft Services, and VSTS Product Team.

Why the 2nd release?

Since the first release, we have received lots of feedback and change requests. Most feedback indicated a desire for a more practical approach to branching compared to the first release which is more theoretical. With that in mind, we decided to reduce the conceptual part and focus on branching practices with Team Foundation Server.
What is in the package?
  • TFS Branching Guide - Main 2.0
    • This is the main article which briefly explains branching concepts and introduces 3 levels of the most common branching scenario
  • TFS Branching Guide - Scenarios 2.0
    • A collection of less common branching scenarios
  • TFS Branching Guide - Q&A 2.0
    • A set of most frequently asked questions with answers
  • TFS Branching Guide - Drawings 2.0
    • A set of branching drawings in different formats including a large branching poster
  • TFS Branching Guide - Labs 2.0
    • A couple of examples for hands on labs with step by step instruction for practicing the branching scenarios


TFS Branching Guide 2.0  - TFS Branching Guide 2.0 (Release page)


TFS Branching Guide - Main 2.0.pdf
application, 870K, uploaded Fri - 66 downloads

TFS Branching Guide - Scenarios 2.0.pdf
application, 1289K, uploaded Fri - 46 downloads

TFS Branching Guide - Q&A 2.0.pdf
application, 672K, uploaded Fri - 32 downloads

TFS Branching Guide - Labs -
application, 1502K, uploaded Fri - 31 downloads

TFS Branching Guide - Drawings
application, 9778K, uploaded Fri - 34 downloads



“Welcome to the Team Foundation Server Branching guide! Since the original release of this guidance in 2007 we’ve received many encouraging messages confirming the usefulness of this guide in planning, executing and maintaining branches, in allowing TFS users to devise, execute and maintain their branch plans. Using feedback from users, we, a team of Microsoft VSTS Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and Microsoft Services consultants have refreshed the guidance presented in the original document produced as part of a VSTS Ranger project. While some of the original document has been retained, you will notice 3 new themes through the guide.

This guide targets the Microsoft “200-300 level” users of TFS. The target group is considered as intermediate to advanced users of TFS and has in-depth understanding of the product features in a real-world environment. Parts of this guide may be useful to the TFS novices and experts but users at these skill levels are not the focus of this content.

Before executing on your branch plan, pay attention to this cautionary message - every branch you create does have a cost so make sure you get some value from it. …”



51 Pages, combined, of TFS Branching guidance from Microsoft and TFS Community.

If you’re already happy with your TFS Branching scheme, then this guide may not be for you. But if you’re not, or new to branching or when you hear “branch” all you think of is Pine, Oak, Cedar, etc, then you might want to take a few minutes to review this guidance. Look, the Main guide is only 12 pages and very unlikely to melt your brain… ;)

(via Robert Horvick's Weblog - TFS Branching Guidance Version 2 has been Released)


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