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VSDB 2008 GDR R2 Released or DataDude for 2008 GDR++ RTM’ed or Latest and coolest version of Data Dude now available

Home of the Data Dude - RTM of VSDB 2008 GDR R2

“The QFE rollup release for the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR release is now available.

You can download the SETUP.EXE from the regular location. (

If you have the VS2008 RTM version of the Database Edition or the RTM version of the VSDB 2008 GDR release installed, this setup will automatically upgrade your installation. If you have the RC installed of the QFE rollup, you have to uninstall first and then re-install the GDR.

For more detail on what got fixed in the QFE rollup, please see my previous posting:


Microsoft Downloads - Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR R2

“…Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR R2 implements support for SQL Server 2008.

Version: RTM
Date Published: 4/21/2009
Language: English
Download Size: 209 KB - 21.0 MB*


From the Release Notes (edited);


The following issues are addressed in this release.


1. External objects cannot be resolved when they are aliased. The following example causes an error.

2. Permission type "SEND" should be a database level permission. The following example causes an error.

3. Permission: TSD03110: An object can only have either INCLUDE or EXCLUDE treatment on its columns. The following example causes an error.

4. CTE (Common Table Expression) names should respect the case-sensitivity setting. The following example causes an error.

5. Adding a permission with the object name defined as an empty string crashes Visual Studio

6. OpenXML generates warnings/errors in SQL Server 2000 database projects

7. Table sources should be accessible to sub queries of select columns. The following example causes an unresolved reference error.

8. "TSD03006: Procedure has an unresolved reference to Assembly" error for a referenced assembly. Defining a stored procedure that uses a SQL CLR assembly causes an error.

9. TSD03127: Cannot use CAST in a view with SCHEMABINDING

10. Validating permissions is very slow.

11. Building the database project causes error TSD03006 when the script contains an XQuery clause.

12. A script containing a left join and union causes error "TSD02010: Incorrect syntax near UNION"

Schema Compare

1. Visual Studio might crash when you compare a composite project (that has a reference to a server project) with a database on a server where the master database has lesser privileges.

2. The option to only compare objects defined in the source schema does not work. To reproduce this issue, perform the following steps:

3. Database role membership cannot be ignored using the Schema Compare option. To reproduce this issue, perform the following steps:

4. When using Schema compare, the Write Updates command, when applied to projects, comments out all composing children whose parent objects are ignored. To reproduce this issue, perform the following steps:

5. System.IndexOutOfRangeException appears when you compare a database to itself


1. Preservation of intent does not handle the scenario when a new object must be created that uses a name that was previously refactored.

2. Incremental deploy fails after refactor -> rename of a table that has an extended property on a column

Static Code Analysis

1. Static Analysis rule SR0014 throws an exception

2. Using LEFT or RIGHT method causes DataTypeCompatibility to throw an exception


1. Output clause in parameters is omitted during build. The following is not built and deployed properly:

2. Composite Projects: Implementing tables and constraints in separate database projects causes a Null Reference exception when you deploy.

3. Deploy silently fails when it encounters unknown syntax from the target database during reverse engineering.

4. Incremental deployment is dropping computed columns when updating column collations.

5. Deployment fails with “An item with the same key has already been added” after the project is copied to a new location on disk or when the solution configuration is changed with a specific sequence.

6. A computed persisted function column blocks deployment if the function was changed.


1. NullReferenceException when importing a database schema with VSDBCMD

2. VSDBCMD fails if the schema being deployed has multiple references to external .dbschema files.

3. VSDBCMD exits incorrectly with code=0 on unexpected failure.

4. VSDBCMD depends on a registry key which prevents it from running on systems that do not have SSMS or VS installed.

Project System

1. SQLCMD and Deployment properties files are not being persisted in the .user file when the Dev chooses "My isolated development environment."

2. ALTER ANY DATABASE AUDIT and ALTER ANY SERVER AUDIT permission types are missing after Import Script. After importing the following script:

3. Copying a solution with database references then deploying causes deploy to crash.

4. Imported permissions are always added to the model even if the user chooses to not add them.

Unit Test

1. Problems occur in the Create Unit Tests wizard when you create a unit test for a method in a solution that contains a Database Edition GDR project, a Silverlight project, or a WIX project in Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1

The solution to this issue is to install this hotfix:


It’s funny the games me brain plays on me. I saw the news about this yesterday but when I saw “R2” and I thought I saw “RC2” so didn’t worry about it. sigh… stupid brain…

In short if you have Data Dude 2008, aka VSDB 2008, etc installed get this.


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