Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busting Visual Studio Myths – or How I learned to counter “that guy’s” anti-VS/.Net comments – or how I convinced my boss that Feature X doesn’t have Problem Y

IUpdateable from Eric Nelson - Visual Studio Myths – busted wide open

“The team and I were having a conversation about developers (we do that from time to time). It went something like:

  • “Isn’t it a shame that so many developers are stuck on Visual Studio 2005 when Visual Studio 2008 would be way better for them and Visual Studio 2010 is just around the corner”
  • “Why is that?”
  • “And… then there are all these myths that developers believe to be true which hold them back from adopting Visual Studio 2008. For instance many developers believe that …”
  • “OK. What can we do to help them?”

Well, after several iterations of ideas on how we could do our little bit to address this, we decided to go with collating:

  • All the key feature improvements from Visual Studio 2005 through to Visual Studio 2010 by focus area (web, data etc)
  • All the myths we heard in our meetings and events, plus some we made up to pad it out :-)

And then, with a little help from an agency, we created a Silverlight 3 application which presented the information in a way that developers will hopefully find rather useful and a little prettier than the whopping bit word document we created.

The final result is the Visual Studio Myth Busting Matrix.


Visual Studio Myths – busted wide open

Visual Studio Myth Busting Matrix


Sure it’s something of a “marketing’ish” site, but there was enough VS2008 myth busting content that made it well worth a mention. I’ve HEARD a bunch of these things said any number of times… Now I have one more, “um… no… Go check out this site” resource.  ;)

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