Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creating Visio Diagrams without Visio – VisioAutomation & VisioVDX

Saveen Reddy's blog - Now on CodePlex – VisioVDX: a library to generate Visio VDX Files (without Visio)

“A follow-up to my previous post, as promised the library is now on CodePlex. You can find it checked in the source tree used by the VisioAutomation project.

If you browse the source code you’ll see a separate folder with the VisioVDX code in it.




Project Components

  • VisioAutomation - the core low-level library
  • VisioAutomation.Scripting - the a higher level library meant to be used by interactive tools
  • Visio Power Tools - a .NET Add-In for Visio 2007 that adds a new menu and UI tools to visio
  • VisioInteractive - provides a IronPython-based command-line experience (experimental)
  • VisioPS - provides a Powershell 2.0-based command-line experience (experimental)

Related Components in the Source Tree
  • VisioVDX - Create Visio VDX files without Visio installed


  • Writing managed-code Add-Ins for Visio 2007
  • Writing tools to automate Visio 2007 from command line
  • Use it as a reference to learn how to do common Visio automation tasks


I dig the idea of creating Visio diagrams without using automation (think server-side generation…)

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