Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fishbowl – THE Windows FaceBook client?



I caught this rock’n utility via blog post a week or two ago (that was later nuked because the OP wasn’t supposed to mention it yet… doh!) and I’ve been using it ever since.

This is now my one and only Facebook client. I love how this utility just seems to “work” for me. I’ve tried others, but they didn’t click. This one is easy like a web UI, but takes advantage of the power that a full client app can provide.

And did you see it there in the title area? The Source Code link? Yes, that’s right you get the full and complete source for this awesome app! (source hosted on CodePlex of course :)

CodePlex - Dive into Fishbowl

“Welcome! Fishbowl is a desktop application that lets you experience Facebook in new ways. We're providing the source to give people a chance to dig in and see how everything works. This isn't intended to be an example of best practices. It is an example of something that mostly works, and we hope that it's valuable for that. There are rough edges in the code that make it difficult for visual editors like Blend and Visual Studio to work with. We'll be working on making this better in the future. In the meantime there's still plenty to look at, and everything's here that you need to get started.


Here’s a shot screen of it in action ..


And a quick snap of the source tree;


Snip of it loaded into VS2008 (which compiles and runs it on my system with no problems :)


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Rob Gibbens said...

Until the PDC Facebook app is released. That one looks amazing.