Monday, November 16, 2009

Not at PDC? You can still take part – Party Underground @ PDC, See the keynotes and more…

Veni, Vidi, Velcro... - Watch the Underground @ PDC Live on your computer…

“Can't Make it to PDC but still wanted to join in the fun? The online version of The Underground@PDC party is the event for you. We will be streaming the event live at

Don't miss presentations by Scott Gu and others LIVE online. …”

The Underground @ PDC09


Jim O'Neil's Blog - Not at PDC?


If you’re not going to LA though, you can still be part of the buzz and excitement happening there. 

  • Watch the two keynotes via Silverlight smooth-streaming from the comfort of your own office (or get a group of folks together over lunch).  Both keynotes begin at 11:30 Eastern time.

Day 1, November 17th, Ray Ozzie and Bob Muglia

Day 2, November 18th, Scott Guthrie, Kurt DelBene, and ???

  • Channel 9 will be broadcasting live (and unscripted) from the PDC Big Room each of the three days (beginning around 1:30 EST).  They’ll be interviewing presenters and attendees alike, and you can help drive the conversation by submitting your tweets to @ch9live.
  • Check out the Not@PDC site.  There’s nothing there at the moment I’m writing this post, but last year quite a few presentations were made available BY non-attendees FOR non-attendees.  You can follow their twitter feed as well via the hashtag #notatpdc


So you can party and not worry about drinking and driving! :)


Update #1 11/16/2009 @ 1:30PM PST:
MS ISV Developer Community - Developers, Architects Meet at PDC

“… you are attending the conference, stop by the MSDEV booth or see MSDEV at PDC on uStream live. For the top ten reasons why you should stop by the booth, see Top 10 Reasons to Stop by the MSDEV Booth at PDC. …”

So you can even virtually hang out at some booth’s too… ;)

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