Monday, January 18, 2010

Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010, aka Team Foundation Server Branching Guide III, released (by guess who? Yep,the ALM Rangers…)

CodePlex - Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010

Project Description
The purpose of this project is to build some insightful and practical guidance around branching and merging with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. The new release focuses on Hands on Labs and includes lots of lessons learnt from the community Q&A.

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Branching Guide 2010
Branching and merging of software is a very large topic. It is an area where there is a lot of maturity in the software industry. This Ranger solution focuses on applied and practical examples of branching that you can use right now. The 2010 release includes discussions around branching concepts and strategies but also focuses on practical hands-on labs.

Visual Studio ALM Rangers
This guidance is created by the Rangers who have the mission to provide out of band solutions for missing features or guidance. This content was created with support from Microsoft Product Group, Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) and technical specialists from technology communities around the globe, giving you a real-world view from the field, where the technology has been tested and used.

What is in the package?
The content is packaged in 8 separate zip files to give you the choice of selective downloads but the default download is the TFS_Branching_Guide_2010_Complete_Package_v1 if you are interested in all parts.

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  • TFS_Branching_Guide_Q&
  • TFS_Branching_Guide_2010_Complete_Package_v1

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Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010 - Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010 v1


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Branching is an area I’d like to focus on in my work code repository. It’s just not working as easily and seamlessly (cough… to say the least… cough) as I want it to, due to how its laid out. But finding the time to re-org it is also something of a concern.

Maybe the move to TFS2010, and its cooler/faster branching (and cool visualization, etc) will be the logical time to change how we branch and there’s no way I’m going to re-invent the wheel…

Here’s some snaps from some of the contents;




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