Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cassia – A .NET Windows Terminal Services Library (Think “Including the Terminal Services Manager MMC Snap-in functionality in your app’s” library)

“Cassia is a .NET library for accessing the native Windows Terminal Services API. It can be used from C#, Visual Basic.NET, or any other .NET language.

What can I do with it?

Cassia supports the following operations on both local and remote terminal servers:

  • Enumerating terminal sessions and reporting session information including connection state, user name, client name, client display details, client-reported IP address, and client build number (WTSEnumerateSessions, WTSQuerySessionInformation, and friends)
  • Logging off a session (WTSLogoffSession)
  • Disconnecting a session (WTSDisconnectSession)
  • Displaying a message box in a session and getting a response from the user (WTSSendMessage)
  • Enumerating all processes (WTSEnumerateProcesses)
  • Killing a process (WTSTerminateProcess)
  • Shutting down or rebooting the server (WTSShutdownSystem)

In addition, Cassia supports enumerating all terminal servers on a domain (WTSEnumerateServers).



I came across this today and thought it was pretty cool. This is one of those, if you need it you’ll think it’s cool, but if you don’t you won’t” kind of project…;)

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