Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Windows Live Writer Facebook “Like” Plug-in

Guy Burstein's Blog - Facebook Like Button Windows Live Writer Plugin

“With all the Buzz around Facebook Like Button, I wanted to include it in my blog posts using a Windows Live Writer Plugin. Since I didn’t find any, I decided to create my own Facebook Like Button Windows Live Writer Plugin.



Interesting… I’m not sure I’m going to jump in on this plugin for my posts, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it isn’t cool… :)

(Why am I not? I’ve run into page load performance issues with with some plugins like this. Were due to the number of posts on my home page, with each one calling home for each post on the page… well it wasn’t pretty.)

(via .NYC - LiveWriter Likes Facebook Like – See the pretty faces of who likes you!)


Darren said...

Do you know if you or anyone you know has had luck with this plug in? I installed it, but it simply put an http link onto my blog entries, rather than the FACEBOOK like button.
If you click on the http link it takes you to a page where you can click the LIKE button, but that's not how it should work!

You can check out what I mean here:

Greg said...

Yeah, that looks pretty funky... I'll download it and give it a try (though what might work on Blogger might not work for WordPress, but well see...)

Greg said...

Good news/bad news I guess.
Seems to work for me okay. Check t out here,
Testing the Facebook Like WLW Addin

I just installed it via the link on the main page, wrote up the test post, published it, got the "Do you want to use this add-in" dialog and said yes and there it was...

So it seemed to work okay for me on Blogger.

BUT I also have a WordPress blog and there I'm gettin the same thing you got!

So it does indeed appear to be a WordPress related issue of some kind.

Best bet would be to ping the orignal author and see if he has an update or something.

In short though, you're not crazy and it does seem to be busted for you/wordpress...