Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Feed You Should Read #30 - Shai Raiten

In today’s Feed we move away from “luminaries” and move toward feeds that are bright notes in a noisy world. Feeds from people providing original content that you might not know about or have heard of. People, truth be known, who are really the giants who’s shoulders we, web curators, luminaries, link bloggers, etc stand on.

Or just people doing things I think are cool that I’ve been lucky enough to find… ;)

Shai Raiten



I’ve been following Shai’s blog for a few years (my first reblog of him looks like Feb 16 2009, Wit It! – One click Work Item access from TFS Alert Emails.) and his posts have become ones I look forward too.

The guy is a dev geek’s geek. From playing with Bluetooth to Team System topics, MS Dev related announcements, with tons of cool coding posts as well. The posts are normally full, in-depth and filled with the sharing of his knowledge and experience (and code! :)

Oh yeah, and he’s doing it “just because”. He’s a Microsoft MVP (i.e. not a MS employee) and so all his posts, content, code, etc are from the heart.

Like I said, a Dev Geek’s Geek…

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

Interested in Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (aka Team System) topics?

Visual Studio Coded UI/Testing?


Windows 7?

Windows Phone 7?


Interested in following someone who clearly has a passion for coding, and for sharing that passion?

Then Shai’s got a blog for you…

Snap of the latest post:


Blog Information:

Name: Shai Raiten - Raleigh Team System
Post Types: Microsoft Scoped Development, Windows 7


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