Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“If you want users to RTFM, write a better FM”

>kloctalk - If you want users to RTFM, write a better FM



In the end, it probably comes down to this: Make tools usable. Then technical communicators can spend more time creating truly helpful help, and less time explaining a bad UI.

If our goal as communicators is not just great help, but a great product, Agile makes more sense than ever.  If we want our usability suggestions to be implemented, we need to get developers’ attention while they’re working on that feature. …


This slide made me snort-laugh…

As a “developer” it’s important to not stop at the slide but continue reading. Remember your Doc Team isn’t “a pain,” isn’t “fluff,” isn’t “extra overhead” but are a very important part of the team.  They can be your “canaries” and provide that first critical feedback on a new feature or capability (i.e. if you show them something and they fall over dead, you might want to rethink it…).

We all want to provide a great product. I guess the key, for me at least, is to remember what makes sense to me, might not be all that clear to others (NO! Say it isn’t so!  lol)

(via Global Nerdy - Kathy Sierra: “Make a Better FM”)

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