Monday, May 24, 2010

PSAM (PowerShell Admin Module) = PowerShell Share Fun

Under The Stairs - PowerShell Admin Module

“I’ve been playing a bit with a Codeplex project called PowerShell Admin Modules (PSAM). Developed by Richard Siddaway, PSAM is intended to supply a number of PowerShell modules for use by IT Pros. The first of these modules contains 6 functions that work with shares, as follows:

Using this module is easy. …

image …”

CodePlex - PowerShell Admin Modules

“PAM supplies a number of PowerShell modules satisfying the needs of Windows administrators. By pulling together functions for adminsitering files and folders; network connections, users and other admin related tasks you get a one stop shop for admin utilities.

The admin modules will be supplied over time.

First download comprises functions for working with Shares. The following functions are supplied:

  • Get-Share
  • Get-ShareAccessMask
  • Get-ShareSecurity
  • New-Share
  • Remove-Share
  • Set-Share

Each function is supplied with a help file. …”

Given some of the recent file share stuff I’ve blogged about recently this caught my eye. It’s not an ‘uber’ module (i.e. doesn’t have billions of commands, etc) but simple and focused, which it just what you want sometimes… ;)

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