Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Use the Camera in the Windows Phone 7 Emulator? Yes, you can… kind of

JAPF - [WP7] Using the camera in the emulator

“In the very first release of the SDK for Windows Phone 7 development, it was not possible to use the camera in the emulator. The latest version of the SDK fixes this problem.

Windows Phone 7 SDK comes with a set of Task (in the Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace). A task can be launched from your application in order to perform some work. Currently available tasks are:

image …”

Your code can fire up the camera in the emulator, but that camera doesn’t use your machine’s camera. It DOES let you code to the camera though (which sure is better than nothing)

You need to add references/using’s for Microsoft.Phone.Tasks and Microsoft.Phone. The white image below is the result from “taking a picture”. image

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