Monday, May 17, 2010

Visual Basic 2010 Samples gets some WCF/WF Sample JuJu – We’re talking 27MB of WF/WCF samples, that’s JuJu!

Visual Basic 2010 Samples - Visual Basic Samples for Visual Studio 2010 RTM

New features in Visual Basic 10.doc
documentation, 138K, uploaded Apr 12 – …
source code, 13708K, uploaded Apr 14 – …
source code, 13166K, uploaded Today – …”

Did you see the sizes? That the WF_WCF_samples is almost as big as the complete VBSamples? (though uncompressed it’s about half… 50MB vs 27MB)


From the MSDNReadme.txt

“Each sample has a complementary readme in MSDN. The readmes contain instructions on how to setup, build and run each sample. They also contain an overview and a detailed explanation on how the features are used in each sample.

For Windows Communication Foundation Readmes go to:

For Windows Workflow Foundation Readmes go to:


A couple quick folder snaps;

image image

All in all that’s allot of sample code… :)


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