Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making your WPF app look like the Zune client? Yes, you can (and here’s a tip how)

@deepeshm - I want my app to look like the Zune client

“Earlier I had posted about the theme pack for the Silverlight Business Application and amongst them was the Cosmopolitan template. The cosmopolitan theme is inspired by the Metro theme which was first seen in the the Zune Client.


Since then, there have been many variations of the Metro theme, Windows Phone 7, Metrotwit, the Cosmopolitan theme  and many more. They are all inspired by the Metro theme. Recently, Nikoka  pointed out one of the key differences between the Zune client and the Cosmopolitan theme. One thing, I would like to call out is that they are just different variations. However, I do understand that there is a demand to create a app that looks and feels like the Zune client and in this post I will show you how that can be done using the Cosmo theme.Thanks Tsitsi for your help. She is also the designer that created these designs. I would definitely recommend subscribing to her blog. First download and install the theme pack, the instructions can be found here.

Making my app look and feel like the Zune client

Let’s start of by creating a Silverlight Business application Cosmopolitan template. Once that is created, follow these steps:-

The end result of these changes will be an application that looks like the Zune Client. Here is a screenshot:-


image …”

Oh, that’s shiny! (nuff said ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,

seems that there is something wrong with this post.
The essential part how to theme a wpf application like metro isn't there.
Is there anything coming?

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Greg said...

@James: Best bet would be to ping Deepesh Mohnani, the post's original author... (There's an Email Posts Author link on the post's page...)