Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Drop 1 of the “Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide” from Microsoft Patterns & Practices. Learn WP7 development by doing…

CodePlex - patterns & practices - Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide

This new guide from patterns & practices will help you design and build applications that target the new Windows Phone 7 platform.

The key themes for these projects are:
1. A Windows Phone 7 client application
2. A Windows Azure backend for the system

As usual, we'll periodically publish early versions of our deliverable on this site. Stay tuned!


This is a “Drop 1” (aka alpha/CTP/etc), so in short work in progress. But that let’s you join in early and keep up as it grows. The doc’s are light but there’s allot of code and code rocks! :)

Here’s a quick snap of the extracted downloads;


(via Don's Mobile Design Blog - Microsoft Patterns & Practices - Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide)


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