Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Click’less WebPI … as in a command line WebPI (Web Platform Installer)

Satish Lalam's Blog - Webpi Command Line

“Our much loved Web Platform Installer (WebPI) now has a command line interface. Yes that’s right. Now it is possible to do everything that you could do in Webpi UI, from the commandline.

Think scripting! Think automation!

WebPI is a simple but powerful tool for discovering, installing and configuring Microsoft’s Web Platform Products. It has been 2 years of great journey for the Webpi team shipping 3 versions. It has been a great partnership with the community. We have been aware of the feedback we received from the community for a way to be able to automate Webpi Tasks. So, here we are releasing WebpiCmdline, which is the short for ‘Web Platform Installer Command line’.

Usage Overview

It is recommended to run WebpiCmdline from a Command Prompt which is opened as Administrator. (Otherwise, WebpiCmdline will elevate itself and launch a new window which will close as soon as it is done.) To open a command prompt as “Administrator” on Windows Vista or Windows 7, type “cmd” in the start menu, Press Shift and then Right click the cmd.exe, select “Run as Administrator”. Accept UAC if necessary. Change directory at the cmd prompt to the folder where you have installed WebpiCmdline.

WebpiCmdline usage can be broadly categorized into two modes

Install Mode:

List Mode:


Given the GUI nature of WebPI, having an automatable/scriptable option is pretty cool…

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