Monday, January 24, 2011

The Entity Framework DZone Refcard

DZone RefCardz - ADO.NET Entity Framework

“The ADO.NET Entity Framework is a powerful object-relational mapping tool that exists inside Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. This DZone Refcard starts with the basics by showing you how to create a new Data Model. Once you have finished creating the Data Model, author Dane Morgridge moves on to discuss how to insert, query, update, and delete entities. Finishing things up is a section on POCO support with Entity Framework 4.0.


5 1/2 Pages of Entity Framework cheatsheet will wake you up on a Monday morning… ;)

This sheet starts with the basics and then touches on the new capabilities in .Net/EF 4 and coming soon, such as POCO support in EF4 and Code First that’s coming soon (in CTP now)

Here’s a snap of the PDF;


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Anonymous said...

Dzone never give you refcard without signup. so we can say it's they do for their own profit.

if they not want to really use the E-mail address why they force user to give them.

at least signup system are not well designed. once upon a time i spent few minute for a refcard and atleast i thing to forget them. because they are not really cool and time wasting is a big topic for me.

What thought and experience you have with them.

i myself find that when i click on a link they never put me to the blogger site. means click on a link and click again then you go to blogpost. but in other. they refer me to direct post.