Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Log Parser Ping Graph Fun (aka “Using Log Parser to parse command line output”)

David Christiansen | davidchristiansen.com - LogParser–Graphing PING results

“Here is a nifty little example of how to pipe console output to Microsoft LogParser, in this case the results of a ping against Google.


[GD: Click through to get a copy-n-paste’able version… I didn’t want to totally leach his post…]

Note: I have inserted line breaks for readability, this should be written as one line.


Come on, you know the inner command-line geek in you thinks this is cool on a couple levels. a) Parsing raw text output from a command line app with Log Parser and b) it’s a graph!

And you know, Low Parser has a COM API, so calling it from PowerShell should also be easily do’able… :P



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