Monday, January 10, 2011

The Noun Project, XAML’ified… or The Noun Project converted for you to XAML and PNG’s

Fear and Loathing - 500 Metro Style WP7 Icons

“I was inspired by The Noun Project, a project that offers up “Metro-style” icons in SVG format. The project is licensed under a public domain license and while it’s a great project, all of the content is in SVG format. Jon Galloway has a great post (from 2007) talking about the differences between SVG and XAML so I highly recommend that for some background. I thought it would be helpful to the WPF/Windows Phone 7/Silverlight community to provide the content in alternative formats for use in your applications.

The Goods

I’ve put together a package of the 500 icons (502 actually) in PNG, XAML and the original SVG format along with a couple of sample projects so you can see them in action.


Nice! ‘nuff said…


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“The Noun Project” + SVG + Free + Metro like look and feel + 500 = Happy Windows Phone 7 Developers

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Aaron said...

Here you can find another great source for XAML icons:

Maybe this might be helpful for some. Helped me a lot during my work.