Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blender 2.5 Fundamental Tutorials from 3DBuzz or "The Noob Video Guide to Blender"

Virtual Realm - 3D Buzz Blender Fundamentals Drop 1

"The guys over at 3DBuzz have dropped the first set of Video Tutorials for Blender3D 2.5. These tutorials include… ..."

3DBuzz - Blender Fundamentals: First drop of videos now available to the public

"Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

Here is our first batch of videos for the Blender Fundamentals set, in which we explore Blender 2.5! Throughout the first few of these drops, we're going to be focusing on the Blender interface, which got a massive facelift for the 2.5 version.

As we progress, you'll hear me make a lot of references to other 3D packages that I know, so if you're a Maya or 3ds Max person, this should hopefully make your transition a bit easier.

Finally, just as a note, Member Sponsors have had access to these videos for some time. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming a Member Sponsor subscriber, including early access to some of our videos, click here!

Blender Fundamentals - Drop 1

Download links

• 1 - Introduction
• 2 - UI at a Glance
• 3 - Saving
• 4 - Default 3D View Navigation
• 5 - Custom 3D View Navigation
• 6 - Persective vs. Orthographic
• 7 - Numpad Navigation
• 8 - Toolbox
• 9 - Properties Panel
• 10 - Info Window
• 11 - Outliner

..." [GD: Click through for the download links]

Here's a snap from the "1 - Introduction" video (MP4);



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